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Guardian Pest Control is a QualityPro and GreenPro certified pest control service provider in Utah. It provides home protection plans from 25+ types of pests.

Today was my first service for Interior and Exterior Pest Prevention while addressing a backyard Vole issue I have. Keep up the good work guys.”

— John S

OREM, UTAH, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2022 / — Imagine a home with an army of ants or cockroaches in the carpentry. Seeing these unwelcomed predators making their way into the living spaces can shiver down the chills. Moreover, Utah residential and commercial properties without effective management have the challenge of controlling different kinds of pests, including termites, rodents, and carpet beetles. So what is the most appropriate solution for pest control in Utah? Of course, there are DIY methods such as putting rat traps, using disinfection solutions, poison, and other techniques, but will they eliminate pests? The answer depends on the execution, effectiveness of the solution and process, and more. On the other hand, an experienced contractor like Guardian Pest Control can use eco-friendly, safe, and effective pest control in a much more efficient manner.

Insects and pests have been here before humans. But that doesn’t mean they have the right to intrude or reside in homes. According to some estimates, there are almost 200 million bugs for every human. The good news is that most are not harmful, but some variants call human settlements their home. For example, wasps, ants, bed bugs, termites, and other insects are common in residential and commercial properties across the USA, including Utah. While it’s no secret that ants and aphids are two of Utah’s most frequent insects, some of the other pests that make up the state’s enormous population may be less well-known. The most troublesome insects for Utah homeowners are carpet and warehouse beetles. While these beetles enjoy being outside, they are no strangers to coming inside for nourishment and to feast on the hair of pets and other animals that accumulate in restrooms and other areas.

A timely inspection and hiring a pest control service are perhaps the best ways to eliminate these unwelcome guests and ensure a bug-free life. For example, QualityPro Certified service, Guardian Pest Control, provides an annual protection plan from over 25 household pests, such as ants, spiders, and termites, with a guaranteed pest-free home 365 days a year.

“Today was my first service for Interior and Exterior Pest Prevention while addressing a backyard Vole issue I have. Tyler was awesome when setting up the visit while going over what it covered very well. Victor was the Service Technician who came out and was very friendly and professional. Keep up the good work, guys.” – John S

Another hideous creature troubling Utah residential and commercial properties is a rodent. Mice, rats, and gerbils are all gnawing creatures. Their only teeth are incisors, and they’re constantly growing. Finding new things to nibble on is essential for rodents to prevent their teeth from erupting through the roof of their mouths or blocking their airways. Seeing rodent feces in or around the kitchen or other areas where food is stored is a telltale sign of a rodent infestation. Similar droppings can also be seen in other potential mouse haunts, like under the sink or cabinets. They enter the house through windows, vents, and cracks in the foundation, and they can quickly infest a property where there is no danger from cats or dogs.

Although many homeowners take the battle alone by implementing rat traps and poison, it can become challenging to dispose of the dead rats or find a trace of an odor that usually comes from the decay of the rodent, which died in an untraceable location of the house after poisoning. Given the challenges, many Utah residents seek assistance from nearby pest control services. For example, many hire Guardian Pest Control which offers an affordable, safe, and effective home protection plan for pest-free living!

The combined capacity of termites and carpenter ants doubles the possible damage to furniture, beds, and other wooden objects. Termites are known for boring holes in wooden structures. Additionally, they can consume wood, drywall, paper, etc. The majority of termites in Utah are the underground variety that creates obvious tunnels from the dirt to the wood of a structure. On the other hand, carpenter ants can also create havoc on a property. While they don’t devour wood as termites do, these pests will glaw tunnels through it to make a food supply chain from outdoors to home. Therefore, it becomes essential for homeowners and businesses to keep termites and ants away from indoor spaces so that visitors and occupants can enjoy a healthy environment.

Moreover, a bad termite or pest inspection report can affect the home’s resale value. So it makes sense to hire a certified pest exterminator to inspect, control, and ensure a pest-free property. For instance, Guardian Pest Control, one of the best commercial pest control companies in Utah, provides a quick response and a free estimate before sending out their QualityPro and GreenPro-certified technicians to get rid of bugs, insects, rodents, and pests in a home or business.

Relying on knowledgeable professionals and having experience in eliminating pests like termites, rodents, and carpenter ants is the easiest and most cost-effective option. But many Utah residents struggled to locate a reliable and affordable service provider. Although searching for “the best pest control in Utah” has become instinctive, the search results make selecting a service more challenging, as most services have similar offerings and claims. Nonetheless, spending some time reading customer reviews, their credentials, and certifications, and even asking family and friends can help find the one that fits the requirement and budget. With 17+ years of experience, transparent pricing, year-round protection, and the ability to remove more than 25 types of pests, Guardian Pest Control can be a good option for commercial and residential property owners looking for pest control services in Utah.

About Guardian Pest Control

Guardian Pest Control is one of the 3% pest control companies in the USA with the prestigious QualityPro Certification. Utah’s locally owned and operated company has been using science-backed solutions and pest control techniques to keep residential and commercial properties safe, healthy, and pest-free for two decades. In addition, the company offers two affordable home protection plans to protect home and family from over 25 common household pests, and provides a guaranteed pest-free home 365 days a year.

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