For a successful home project, trust a professional guaranteed by Best Pick Reports

It has been long months and Seattle residents have spent significant amounts of time at home looking at all of the upgrades, improvements, and renovations they might want to do – such as updating family rooms, adding a home office and painting, or just wash the windows. And they’re not alone – recent surveys have found that more than a third of homeowners are doing or planning a home improvement project in the next 90 days, and that more space and updated kitchens top the list of improvements they want.

Washington COVID-19 restrictions are easing, but it is recommended that you continue to stay home as much as possible. Local business owners, especially those who own small hardware stores or repair shops, have difficulty staying afloat. Now is the perfect time to start a home improvement project and hire a local housekeeping company based in the Seattle area.

Choosing a trustworthy provider can be difficult. While friends and family can be a great source of recommendations, your needs can be very different from them. Many travel guides and online recommendation services only list companies that have paid to be part of the guide – regardless of their track record or ratings.

For the first time ever, Seattle homeowners have access to a free guide of top local home improvement services in dozens of areas of expertise, including kitchen or basement remodeling, deck construction, and landscaping. Best Pick Reports is different from other guides in that local professionals must apply to be picked and are individually rated based on thousands of customer interviews in the Seattle area. They will only qualify for Best Pick Reports if they have received top marks from local homeowners who have used their services.

By following COVID-19 security procedures, starting a home project can now still be safe. Disinfection procedures, masks, and social distancing can all help make a homeowner feel safer and more secure after the upgrade is complete.

Choosing a professional from Best Pick Reports offers an additional benefit – the Best Pick Guarantee. Projects completed by a verified service provider are guaranteed up to $ 2,500 if the work is unsatisfactory.

Best Pick Reports is available online or as a printed guide. Find out more or request a book here.

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