Five ways to save money with sustainable home plumbing tech

Since 2006, it has been a requirement for all new builds and homes with substantial extensions to have a minimum 1,000 liter rainwater tank.

In the past, rainwater systems typically provided water for gardening. Now, most systems are plumbed in and are capable of delivering non-potable water for toilets, hot water systems and washing machines. Additional treatment systems can also provide potable water for drinking, cooking, and washing.

A modern rainwater harvesting system can take considerable pressure off your mains water dependency. Up to 70% of your requirements could be catered for, recycling thousands of liters of water every year. Depending on your local water rates, savings will vary. For example, 12,000 liters of rainwater recycled per year at $3,150 per kiloliter is $37.80 off your annual water bill. Larger requirements, such as 60,000 liters, can provide savings of up to $189 a year.

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