Faye Winter and Teddy Soares confirm renovation plans and would like to be there by Christmas

Faye Winter and Teddy Soares have finally agreed on a home after looking for an apartment, and it’s a small project.

Talk to OK! While the gorgeous couple revealed their renovation plans on the red carpet for the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards, they added that they “would love to be there by Christmas”.

Former real estate agent Faye, 25, and former financial advisor Teddy, 26, met on Love Island this summer and have been working remotely for the past few months.

Teddy lived in Manchester and Faye in their hometown of Devon before the show, but they have decided to move to a house on the outskirts of London.

When asked whether they had decided on a plot of land, 25-year-old Faye said: “Yes, our house is a bit of a project for which I am the project manager!”

Faye and Teddy look forward to the future

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The hilarious Love Island star claimed she was responsible for all development and joked, “I took on the development of the property,” to which Teddy responded by walking away and shouting, “Bye!”

The ex-model quickly came back to his girlfriend’s side when Faye added, “I don’t know if it is [their home] will be ready to host by Christmas “.

Teddy, 26, told us he was optimistic about the renovation plans and said, “We’d like to be there by Christmas.”

The couple in love have agreed on a home

The couple in love have agreed on a home

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Explaining that both he and Faye are big couch potatoes and are very close to their families, he explained that this year they were made to host whether they wanted to or not.

“We’d like to be there by Christmas, we’re both big family people too.

“My mom said, ‘You guys are throwing Christmas!'” He added.

They joked that they had no choice but to throw Christmas

They joked that they had no choice but to throw Christmas

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Faye revealed that she and Teddy “had no choice” on the matter as his mother made it clear that she was going to their renovated mansion for the big day.

The former Lettings Manger said, “We didn’t have a choice, she literally said ‘We’ll all come to you for Christmas’ and we said, ‘Uh, okay!’

“I thought to myself ‘You can cook, right?’ and she said, ‘No, I’m coming to you for a break!’ “

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