Farmhouse kitchen ideas – 21 beautiful ways to introduce modern rustic elements

Centering the kitchen at the center of an open-concept space can create a coherent look across your home – especially if you align your farmhouse kitchen ideas with the decor in the adjacent room. Open-plan kitchen ideas also bring a relaxed aesthetic that suits today’s homes and lifestyle.

‘In this project, rethinking the modern farmhouse style was about getting away from the trendy, expected black and oak look,’ explain Lina Galvao and Erin Coren from Curated Nest Interiors.

‘The colors in the family room – black, cream, and blue, with natural wood accents – prove to be more vibrant than in your typical farmhouse, but don’t assault the senses. This works particularly well in the home’s open-plan setting, where a “light and airy” feeling is emphasized throughout the ground floor space with the repeated use of pale greys, whites, and light woods.

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