Family flees through window in a targeted fire bomb attack on house because of “unpaid debts”

A family was targeted in a terrifying evening arson attack because of an alleged unpaid debt, a court heard.

Corey Rogers used gasoline to set fire to his victims’ car outside their home, lock them inside the property, and force them to escape through a window. The 22-year-old arsonist claims he was told to target the family but refused to reveal the identity of the person who ordered the order.

When he sent the perpetrator to jail, a recorder told him that what he had done was “extremely dangerous” and that he could have killed the people in the house, Wales Online reports.

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Prosecutor Craig Jones told Swansea Crown Court that the victims – a married couple and their two children – were killed in the early hours of Jan.

When the mother rushed to see what was going on, she saw that her Nissan car, parked right outside the property, was on fire. Due to the location of the burning car, the frightened family could not leave the house through the front door and had to flee through the window. The fire brigade managed to stop the fire from spreading.

Mr Jones said that in addition to extensive damage to the Nissan, the fire also damaged the house’s garage door and dashboards, and also caused smoke damage inside the Godre’r Graig property, which resulted in the family moving out and paying for new furniture to be redecorated . He said a “conservative” calculation of the cost of the attack to victims would be £ 50,000.

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When Rogers was tracked down and arrested in a house in Swansea, he was found with a can of gasoline. He later told the police that he was acting as directed, but refused to reveal the other person. The court heard that the incendiary bomb appeared to be a “revenge attack” triggered by an unpaid debt, even though the person who allegedly owned the money did not actually live at Craig Newydd’s house.

In a statement about the impact on the victim, the family’s mother said she was afraid the house would burn down. She described how her children were “hysterical” during the incident and are now suffering from nightmares.

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Corey Jay Rogers of Heol Frank, Penlan, Swansea, admitted the arson was reckless as to whether life was at risk. The court found that he had an “extensive criminal record” including vehicle abuse, violent crime, property damage, shoplifting and injunction violations.

Andrew Evans for Rogers said the defendant had a “difficult childhood” and “identified an elderly person as a friend who used him as a tool”. He said the defendant was 21 years old at the time of the incident and a report found he was “immature” and had had alcohol and drug problems.

Recorder Christopher Clee QC told Rogers that it was “extremely dangerous” to go to the house armed with gasoline and set the car on fire. He said the defendant’s actions could have killed anyone on the property, and he said it must have been a “harrowing experience” for the affected family.

With a 20% discount on his guilty admission, the defendant was sentenced to six years in prison. He will serve up half that time in custody before being released on license.

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