Evansville volunteer mowers have been rewarded with new equipment and recognition for their efforts

Lucas Fuller (15), Micah Fuller (14) and Gracianna Fuller (12) each wrote letters to the founder to thank him for his program.

“I really appreciate what you have done for all of these people and how you have shown me that I care for the elderly,” wrote Lucas. “I had a wonderful time on the 50 yard challenge and it made me feel friendlier and better.”

Of the 50 lawns they mowed this summer, the siblings agreed that Fred Bock and Judy Oatman were two of the most memorable.

They visited Bock’s lawn a few times because he lived nearby and had particularly fast-growing grass. Bock, who was battling cancer, died before the end of summer.

“I’m just glad we could serve with him for as long as we could,” said Lucas.

Oatman also stood out from the siblings because she would be excited when they returned to mow their lawn.

“She was really grateful and very happy about it,” said Gracianna.

The Fullers tried to mow as much lawns as possible for veterans, elderly, single parents, and disabled people in the Evansville area this summer, but they had to turn away some people because they couldn’t make all the yards.

After Alex Power Equipment found this out, they donated a lawnmower with a 60-inch deck to the Fullers.

Micah said they made it to most of the yards, but sometimes they would schedule multiple jobs a day or mow the lawn just once.

Word of mouth and social media started in Alabama and helped the Raising Men Lawn Care Service expand into what it is today as a national organization, said founder Rodney Smith Jr ..

Those who take part in the 50 yard challenge also have the option to provide lawn service during other seasons by raking leaves and shoveling snow. Lucas said if the need was still there next summer they would consider doing it again.

“I had to make a lot of people very happy, which made me happy too,” wrote Micah. “I loved that you (Rodney) are trying to make a difference in the world with something that people do a lot.”

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