Emerging HVAC Trends for Summer 2022!

HVAC contractors all throughout the United States are implementing these industry trends that are changing everything!

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Murray, UT — (ReleaseWire) — 08/12/2022 — This summer’s intense heat waves have initiated a lot of innovations throughout the HVAC industry, and 2022 is quickly becoming a year that’ll change everything for heating and air conditioning in both residential and commercial properties.

Although there have been many emerging trends so far this year, the following are the trends that are truly moving the entire industry forward:

Improving Home Climate Control Via Data & Connectivity

HVAC systems are continuously becoming more tech-savvy in 2022, and this includes advancements in digital controls. When people are able to accurately track their home environment’s most important data, it makes for an improved, more-integrated experience with an HVAC system.

Connectivity is a rather broad trend that’s growing across countless industries, which is why hvac contractors are doing their homework and trying their hardest to not be left behind. The best way for contractors to remain on the cutting edge of the industry is to continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology that provides improved user control and oversight.

Eco-Conscious HVAC Systems
The unprecedented European heat wave in 2022 has really started getting millions of people’s attention about climate change, because melting glaciers in the Alps and triple-digit Fahrenheit temperatures in London are beyond alarming.

This is why eco-friendly HVAC systems are skyrocketing in popularity this year, and they’re helping homes and businesses save money while inflation is at an all-time high. More and more people are choosing HVAC contractors that provide eco-friendly system options, and companies that aren’t providing these options are quickly becoming outdated.

But the more HVAC businesses are providing eco-friendly systems, the more they’re growing this year!

Smart home HVAC technology
The vast majority of new construction homes that are currently being built are considered to be smart homes, which means that these newer properties are subsequently going to require smart HVAC equipment.

These automated technological advancements are fully integrated within the property’s management software, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down!

Ductless HVAC Systems
Ductless HVAC systems are rapidly increasing in popularity this year, and they’re making it a lot easier for older buildings that need budget-friendly upgrades.

When an HVAC business offers ductless systems, it makes them a more suitable option for countless clients that require these services. This is particularly important because this summer’s heat wave has proven how a lot of old buildings simply need to make upgrades, and many of these buildings will be looking for ductless systems due to not having enough room to install new ducts.

Tech advancements in CRM
CRM (customer relationship management) has shifted almost entirely to phone apps and other easy-to-use software programs throughout the HVAC industry. The very best HVAC companies are now making it easier than ever before to make payments, message experts, schedule appointments, fill out necessary paperwork, and a lot more.

CRM has now become extremely personalized, which is helping customers feel more connected to their HVAC partners.

HVAC Industry Trends Are Only Heating Up This Summer!
2022 has been one of the first years on record in which the entire continent of Europe has begun thinking about investing in HVAC systems, and the heat waves in North America have made Americans begin thinking about making necessary upgrades.

As the summer temperatures continue to linger, the above industry trends will only continue to grow!

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