Elon Musk exaggerates Tesla Smart Home HVAC and gives hints on the Cybertruck function

Elon Musk seems genuinely interested in Tesla expanding into the domestic HVAC industry – and even says he’s “out to do it”.

He first brought up the idea almost two years ago in an interview about the Joe Rogan Experience.

The CEO discussed the fact that Tesla addresses both energy generation and energy consumption in transportation, but only energy generation with solar energy products in the private sector.

Musk suggested that there is room for more efficient homes with smarter and better air conditioners.

When Rogan asked if he had a design for such an air conditioner, Musk fell silent suspiciously and said:

I cannot answer questions about possible future products.

The answer makes it sound like it could be a potential future product for Tesla Energy: an intelligent and more efficient air conditioning system that enables a “Tesla Smart Home”.

Earlier this year, Musk is looking at the new product again on a Twitter thread with fans.

Now the CEO reiterates his comment and shows a lot of enthusiasm for making a Tesla HVAC system:

I really want to do high-efficiency, quiet HVAC for the home using HEPA and water distillation. It’s weird, but I really want to do it.

In addition, Musk also hinted that the Cybertruck, Tesla’s upcoming electric pickup truck, could be equipped with the product.

However, he did not elaborate on how this would work as he is talking about a home HVAC system rather than a vehicle HVAC system.

Tesla already produces HEPA-level HVAC systems for Model S and X vehicles.

Tesla has extensive experience with HVAC systems and HEPA filters with their “Bioweapons Defense Mode” work in Model S and Model X that use HEPA filters and with Model 3 HVAC systems for which Tesla is developing a new patented technology Has collected .

The latter’s system is not compatible with HEPA filters due to size restrictions.

For the Model S and Model X, the automaker claims that its HEPA air filter system is about ten times larger than a regular car filter (pictured above) and is “100 times more effective than premium car filters” when it comes to removal “At least 99.97% Fine dust and gaseous pollutants as well as bacteria, viruses, pollen and mold spores. “

Musk thanked Google founder Larry Page for switching to HEPA filters and for making air quality important. He believes this “could be a bigger thing than most people think,” especially for people with allergies.

Electrek’s take

On the one hand, it sounds like a huge departure from its usual product, but Tesla has a lot of experience with HVAC systems – probably more so than most automakers who rely more on subcontractors and less on vertical integration.

I can see Tesla using their Solar and Powerwall sales and installation teams to sell and install their home HVAC systems as well.

What are the chances that Tesla will make its own home HVAC system?

After a few recent mentions in just a few months, I’m now confident that Tesla will be working on the product as part of their HVAC team.

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