Electrician raises over $ 100,000 for Woburn woman’s crumbling house

WOBURN, MA – In early August, Gloria Scott of Woburn called electrician John Kinney about a problem with one of their lights. When he got there, he quickly realized that the problems were much bigger than this one light.

Less than two months later, Kinney raised more than $ 100,000 for fellow Woburnite and brought together local contractors and craftsmen to completely renovate their home.

Scott, 72, lives alone and has a steady income. After his first visit, Kinney immediately called for volunteers on Facebook before launching the Facebook fundraiser and then forming a Facebook group, Glorias Gladiators, to showcase all the resources available.

“I got some volunteers together and we went in there and did a lot of gardening and cleanup,” Kinney wrote in describing the fundraiser. “Everyone did a great job and that nice old woman was very grateful. It’s just not enough.”

The problems with Scott’s house were numerous.

“She has some serious installation issues that need fixing,” Kinney wrote. “There is extensive drywall work to be done. There is a lot of painting. Your brick porch steps are an accident waiting to happen. I don’t want to rebuild your whole house. I just want to make it safe and livable for you. ” . “

Kinney had already built up a network of skilled workers giving time there so the fundraiser was for materials only, he noted.

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