Elderly man removed expensive HVAC unit after NewsChannel 5 investigation

GOODLETTSVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – Last week, NewsChannel 5 investigated how 89-year-old Robert Nolen of Goodlettsville and a long-time Donelson Air customer bought a new heating and air conditioning system from the company after their inception, saying technicians said his unit needed to be used during be exchanged after a routine inspection.

It was only later that Nolen discovered that the company had installed its most expensive system and signed it for its service plan at the highest level.

Nolen says the repair team told him he would pay $ 275 a month. What Nolen says, they didn’t tell him he would pay for this for the next ten years.

The total bill was more than $ 32,000. Nolen said he would be 100 years old before he finally paid off, and he was concerned that he wouldn’t live that long.

After NewsChannel 5 contacted Donelson Air, the company offered to lower the price and sell him the system for $ 13,000.

But one of Nolen’s neighbors, who has his own HVAC company, offered to build a completely new system for $ 6,000. So on Monday morning Donelson removed his system and then Nolen got his new, cheaper one. And he said he felt a great burden had been taken.

“I’ve been feeling fine and relaxed since Donelson switched his air conditioning and this unit over and we don’t have the pressure we were. And that’s why we really appreciate what Channel 5 has done for us and that they are worried and help. ” Folks, “said Nolen.

Several viewers who had seen our earlier story had offered to pay for the expensive Nolen system. He told us that he was grateful for the kind offers but that he could afford his new system and hoped that those who wanted to help him will find someone who really needs help.

Nolen said he expected a refund from Donelson Air shortly and the company had also agreed to lift the lien they had placed on his house.


How did an 89-year-old man get $ 32,000 worth of heating and air conditioning?

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