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A traditional lawn may not be suitable for every property, nor will every homeowner want it. There’s no denying that lawns take time and effort to establish a daily or weekly maintenance routine in order to thrive. Homeowners who find a traditional lawn impractical can explore some low-maintenance alternatives.

Homeowners with large lots can find that lawns are inexpensive and time efficient. Shops sell special wildflower meadow mixes from seeds or homeowners can use wildflower plug plants in areas where grasses need to grow longer. This natural area can be a home for wildlife and an idyllic setting for a home. Most meadows only need a spring or summer and fall pruning to thrive and look their best.

Separation areas of the plot for the growth of ornamental grasses. The gardening resource Elemental Green says ornamental grasses are typically drought-resistant and easy to care for. They don’t need a lot of fertilizer and are often resistant to pests too. Ornamental grasses grow in tufts or sprays and do not need to be mowed. However, they are not ideal for areas where there is pedestrian traffic.

Moss can thrive in shady areas and those where the soil remains slightly damp. Moss is velvety soft and green, so it can imitate the look of a traditional lawn, but doesn’t require mowing or other maintenance. Moss can spread quickly because it spreads quickly. You need to protect areas where you don’t want moss by creating barriers to stop it from spreading.

Stone and gravel surfaces can reduce the maintenance of the landscape and require very little maintenance. If the gravel is installed properly, the weeds may not grow easily. Installation of gravel can include laying heavy-duty, semi-permeable landscaping fabrics, which are available at home improvement centers. Gravel is cheaper than cobblestones and can be just as beautiful.

If the look you want is a non-maintenance lawn, there are several artificial grass options on the market. Homeowners who choose artificial turf can save money and space on lawnmowers and other lawn implements.

Grass may be ideal for some, but there are alternatives for people who have troubled landscapes or want a low-maintenance product for their homes.

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