E-bikes spark garage fire, cause $250,000 damage in Vail

Firefighters in Vail rushed to put out a garage fire on Juniper Lane early Saturday morning after the homeowner called to report an odor of burning electrical equipment. When crews arrived, smoke was coming from the garage door.


Vail Fire

Once inside, they discovered the fire coming from the corner where two e-bikes were located. The fire was under control in 10 minutes.

Damage is estimated at $250,000 which includes damage to the garage, the vehicles parked inside and the e-bikes.

No one was injured and the cause of the fire is being investigated.

Vail Fire Marshal Ryan Ocepek stated, “while this was an unfortunate incident, the damage could have been a lot worse had the homeowner not noticed the fire.”


Vail Fire

He also noted that “with the increasing popularity of mobility devices such as e-bikes, the incident serves as a reminder that there are a number of precautions that should be taken when charging lithium-ion batteries. For those who own any type of device with a lithium-ion battery, the following fire safety practices are recommended by Vail Fire & Emergency Services and the National Fire Protection Association:
• Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when charging lithium-ion batteries
• Only use the original equipment manufacturer’s battery and charger
• Only purchase devices that have been tested and labeled by a nationally recognized testing lab.
• Do not charge devices while unattended or while you sleep
• Do not charge electronic devices in the path of emergency egress

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