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Blaux lighting is a special motion lighting strip that features motion sensor and an advanced sensor that detects darkness. It has an automatic ON/OFF feature, it turns on once it detects any movement. The advanced sensor detects light and darkness, and ensures that the LED lights only come on when it’s dark. It features rechargeable battery that can last for months on a single charge. It does not require any cord or an electric outlet of any kind. Blaux lighting is an easy and affordable way of lighting up any space (area). You can light up your home with the power of this LED lighting. Blaux motion lighting was designed to brighten up anywhere in your home including the kitchen cabinets,, cupboards and closets. It has a brightness level of up to 2000 MCD, which is enough to get rid of darkness anywhere it is situated in your home.

The motion sensor is pretty sensitive. It can detect movement as far as 26 feet. This allows you to activate the lights whenever you open a closet or cupboard door. The long lasting rechargeable battery offer long life and don’t require any wires, or power outlet to produce the light you need. You don’t need any technical skills to install this lighting strip. It is pretty simple and easy to install. You won’t spend big bucks hiring a professional electrician, it is a simple Do-It-Yourself lighting gadget that almost anybody can install. The automatic on/off feature makes it hassle free to use, you do not need to press any switch for the light to come on or turn off. It does the switching all by itself. Just make any movement in the dark, and your lighting strip will swing to action.

We have all been switching to LED light bulbs for years, but it just has not solved the problem of how to light places regular fixtures don’t illuminate. Until now, the only way has been to spend thousands of dollars ripping open walls to add wiring, moving sockets and switches, and then repainting the walls. This method is pretty expensive and requires a lot of efforts. The truth is that you don’t need to pass through that stress to get your home lit. With new technology, lighting up parts of your home that lack light will be pretty easy and simple. What is being referred to here is “BLAUX MOTION LIGHTING” not the regular fake products being sold in many stores.

Blaux motion sensor lighting is the lighting solution you have been waiting for. Stop squinting in the dark trying to find something in a dimly-lit cupboard. Also, stop risking your safety walking down stairs in your pitch-black basement. Blaux lighting strips turns on only when you activate them, and they turn off automatically when you are done. It is trending in different countries including United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and many other countries. It is rated high in tons of blaux lighting reviews from satisfied customers.

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Blaux motion sensor lighting is an incredibly attractive lighting strip that gives off bright, cheerful light. You can install as many of them as you like and customize them to fit any space no matter how big or small. If you rent your space, blaux LED lights are the perfect no-renovation lighting solution you need. Just take them with you when you move. Hence, you won’t waste your money fixing someone else’s home or passing through the stress of drilling holes in the walls to install any light. Also you won’t be wasting electricity lighting areas when you are not in the room, and you won’t be handing your hard earned money over to any electrician to have expensive renovation done to your home.

Blaux lighting is the brightest low-cost motion activated lights that you can mount anywhere. No wires, no wasted electricity, just bright light and big savings. It can cost a fortune to have lighting installed in your home. If you have ever tried to install light in your home , you will understand that it is a money consuming exercise. First, you will to deposit thousands of dollars into the hands of electricians. Secondly, you still have to repair your drywall and repaint where holes had to be drilled for wires. The best way to solve the problem of inadequate or lacking of lighting in your home is to have blaux lighting.

There are so many cheap stick-on closet lighting but they don’t last. Yes, they are cheap at one off purchase but by the time you purchase the batteries multiple times to replace the worn out batteries, you will realize that they are not really cheap. They are money sucking pipe that never fills. You will be attracted by their cheap price, but you will end up spending money regularly to replace the battery. This is not economical! Why waste your money on new batteries and cheap lights when you have high quality and affordable blaux light that only requires few hours of charging and lasts for weeks, or even months depending on how often it is activated.

Blaux motion lighting was equipped with active motion sensor, thus you don’t have to worry about the power. This sensor ensures that it only come on when needed. It goes off once it is not in use. Sometimes we can accidentally leave our lights on. This consumes energy and increase our bills even when we are not getting any benefits from it. You won’t have to worry about this if you opt for blaux lighting. It will turn off automatically. Also, the LED lights consumes less energy than the regular tungsten bulbs.

Blaux motion lighting is suitable for many purposes. You can use it to light up your staircase. Lighting of staircase seems to be money consuming, and it is only seen in high end multi million dollar homes. Since the invention of blaux lighting, this has been a thing of the past. You can light up any area including staircase in an amazing and stylish way. Blaux motion lighting review is in-depth, and contains everything you need to know about this lighting gadget


Guaranteed High Quality: Blaux lighting are manufactured from high quality and professional grade materials for excellent durability and longevity. This lighting strip will last you for years. You can take them with you to a new home if you wish to change your living space.

No-Hassle Returns: There numerous positive blaux lighting reviews from satisfied consumers but that’s not enough to say that everyone will like this product. The producer offered a thirty day money back guarantee on every order. If you are not thrilled with the product you can return it in its pristine condition and get refunded 100%. No questions asked!

Quick and Convenient: Made to function right out of the box. No special installation skills required, with just minimal effort and work, you can light up any area with blaux lighting.

High quality LED lights:  Each Blaux Lighting features ten (10) ultra bright LED bulbs which provides enough light to brighten up any area making sure you never stumble in the dark again. These LED lights are brighter and they last longer than the regular bulbs, and also uses less energy. From findings, LED bulbs uses 75% less energy than the traditional bulbs, this also helps the battery to last longer on a single charge. With Blaux Lighting LED lights, it is a breeze to see clearly in any dark area of your home. Each LED Light has an approximate life time of 80,000 hours. That’s pretty long. Because the last is only on for a fraction of the day, it will even last longer as long as it does not sustain any mechanical damage.

Motion and light sensors: It features special sensors for motion and light. The light will only activate if the room is dark, preventing the light from turning on under bright condition. This way you don’t get any irritating blasts of light when you walk past your blaux lighting unit in a room that already has the lights on. Also the light activates only when it senses a motion. This makes it ideal for lighting up the inside of a cupboard when you open it. Also pretty cool for lighting up your closet to enable you select any colour of dress you want. When the unit stops sensing your motion, the light will turn off after 15 seconds to extend battery life.

Easy installation: You do not need any tools, nor screws or nuts. It comes with an adhesive strip that you can stick anywhere you want. All you need to do during the installation is to peel off the protective magnetic strip and place your blaux lighting anywhere you want. Also when you need to charge the light, you have to detach it and use the included USB to charge it. Charging is quick! You can install your light anywhere in your home including the garage, kitchen cabinets or basement staircase.

Stylish and attractive: Though the aim of the producer is to solve lighting issues in many homes, it’s pertinent that the light is fashionable so it won’t look unsightly or cause significant damage to home’s décor. Blaux motion lighting is designed to add value to any home. It is the elegant and trendy way to add accent lighting without the hefty price tag that high end home lighting usually comes with.

No cords or batteries: Blaux Lighting does not require any wire or cable to work. The only time you have to connect it with a cable is when you are charging the device which is only for a brief period of time. Also, it has a built-in rechargeable battery, thus you don’t have to worry about any disposable battery and the associated cost. Blaux Lighting can last for up to six (6) months use on single charge. With this lighting strip, you save on electricity, and battery.

Suitable for any place: Blaux Lighting is literally good for installation anywhere in your home. As long as you are having light issues in any particular spot in your home, Blaux Lighting is your go-to device for brightening up that area. The only limit to the site of installation of Blaux motion lighting is your imagination! It can be used in your attic basement, kid’s room, closet, cupboard, drawer, storage room, garage, medicine cabinet, storm cellar, vanity, workstation, along your staircase and any other place you want bright light.

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Energy efficient: With blaux lighting, you will save on electricity. It does not require any power outlet to work. It drives all its energy from the built-in rechargeable battery. This battery can last for months on a single charge, and it can be charged with any power outlet such as power bank, laptops. The LED lights uses 75% less energy than the regular bulbs.

Affordable price: Accent light can modernize and enhance your space, increase your home’s value, and make dark space functional and safe. But wired light installations can cost thousands of dollars and requires a professional electrician. With Blaux Lighting, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It can be installed in minutes without any of the hassle of conventional accent lighting.

Long lasting rechargeable battery: Does not require any disposable batteries, it comes with rechargeable battery that can last for up to half a year. Charging is also simple and pretty fast. This quality battery makes sure that the ultra bright LED lights are on anytime you need light. These quality bulbs can last for up ten years.

Sensitive distance: The motion sensor can detect movement at a distance of 10 to 26 feet. This makes it ideal for lighting anywhere including your walking path at night and in dark room. This sensor ensures that the lights turn on automatically even if they are at the bottom of the staircase while you are at the top.

Sensitive angle: It has a wide angle of sensitive. Blaux Lighting can detect motion to an angle of up to 120 degrees. This allows you to install your lighting anywhere you want. The sensor will never miss you when you enter your room, open your closet or cupboard.


Automatic On/Off: How often have you forgotten to turn off a light when you leave a room? With Blaux Lighting, that is never going to happen. They are motion and light activated, they know when you left and when the surrounding is bright. It will automatically turn off so you won’t have to worry about the battery running down. Also you won’t worry about tangling with any switch to on or off your light.

Multi-purpose and durable: Blaux motion lighting can be used in your attic, basement, kid’s room, closet, cupboard and any other place you want. It features quality LED lights that last for years.

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The best place to buy Blaux Lighting is from the official website of the producer. Do not buy from any vendor outside this website to avoid getting substandard light. The producer offered a 30 day money back guarantee on every purchase. In the off chance that you are not thrilled with their product, you can return it and apply for refund. You will get back your money in full. The prices listed above are the discounted prices at the official website, hurry and place your order before the offer is taken down. It is limited time offer!

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  1. Charge the battery using the included USB cable. Make sure you charge it to fullness before using it
  2. Attach the light in your desired location using the built-in magnetic adhesive tape
  3. Enjoy having perfect vision with a bright strip of LED lighting.

The back of my closet had turned into a black hole. I couldn’t see into it, and anything that ended up there was gone. Since I got these lights, I’ve been able to use my whole closet again. It is fantastic!  _Shelly B. – Akron, OH_

My wife has been asking me to put in stair lighting for ages, but every time I looked into it the cost of hiring an electrician I gave up because it is very expensive. These lights were wireless and recahrge, so I didn’t have to worry about any of that. I put them in myself in about fifteen minutes.  _James I. – Pittsburgh, PA_

I put some of these in my entrance hall, so that when I come home with full hands the light comes on automatically. They are so bright.  _Kate W. – Tampa, FL_


Q: Is blaux lighting difficult to detach?

A: No, it is pretty easy to detach it from the wall or anywhere you attached it when you want to charge it or move it to a new location. It is also very portable and easy to mount

Q: How long will it last?

A: The lifetime of Blaux Lighting LED bulbs is around 80,000 hours

Q: Does it cost money to run these lights?

A: It does not cost a dime to run blaux lighting. It uses rechargeable battery that does not cost money to recharge. It will even save you money on electricity.

Blaux Lighting is the perfect way of lighting any area. With this special lighting device, you will never have to search for or fumble with a light switch in the dark. Just open your closet door, pull open kitchen cupboard or walk down a dark hallway at night, and your blaux lighting will switch on automatically. It also goes off on its own once it can no longer sense any movement in the dark. This enhances productivity, and improves personal safety.

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