Does the value of your home increase with the installation of the paver?

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, here are some ways you can add it in value. Add to the value of your home by installing a paver for your patio, pool deck, and more

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Find the perfect paver design ideas

Find the perfect paver design ideas

Encino, CA, March 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Whether you’re looking to do small renovations to transform your home into the home you’ve always dreamed of, or to maximize your profit margin on sales, consider the benefits of having one Upgrade your outdoor space with the installation of a paver. Pavers can be installed anywhere including your driveway, patio, and around your pool. Visit >>

What are the benefits of a high quality paver installation?

  • A long-term asset. An attractive outdoor environment with tasteful decorative elements increases the property’s value. When you sell your home, you can easily get the cost of installing pavers back.

  • An excellent first impression. Potential buyers formulate their first impressions of your home based on what they see first: the outside and outside areas.

  • A place to relax. Prepare for the warmer months of the year by designing an aesthetically pleasing garden and patio area perfect for relaxing in the sun or inviting friends and family to cook.

  • Simple repairs. A common problem is having access to pipes and utilities under your driveway or patio when something needs to be fixed. Using paving stones instead of a concrete slab or asphalt driveway makes this task much easier. For example, if a burst pipe is in need of repair, all you have to do is remove the stones, repair the damaged pipe, and put the stones back in place.

  • Easy cleaning and replacement. Pavers are easy to maintain and keep clean. Even with a pickled paver, all you need to do is replace the pickled stone, not the entire driveway, as would a poured concrete driveway.

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, here are some ways you can add it in value.

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Opportunities to increase property value

Don’t forget the garden

A healthy looking, well-manicured lawn is vital to the overall look of your outdoor space. Even if you’re not an avid gardener, some types of grass are easier to maintain than others (like Bermuda grass and Tall Fescue grass), and artificial turf is an environmentally friendly way to get the aesthetic benefits of real grass without the hassle of maintenance.

Having a garden path (or paths) directing pedestrian traffic from the patio to the pool or other important location will help protect your lawn from damage and give it a more complete look.

Add to your pool

As a homeowner with a pool, the last thing you want is for one of your guests to slip and fall when everyone is enjoying themselves in the summer sun. Prevent these type of accidents by installing non-slip, non-slip paving stones around the perimeter of your pool. (Consult a reputable paver installer with experience in swimming pools to figure out your options.)

You can also use paving stones to build a short wall around your pool, which is an aesthetically pleasing way to separate your pool area from the rest of your property.

Decorative options

With the wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes available, there are no limits to the designs and patterns you can use on your patio, path, driveway, or any other area. Surface options include cobblestone, flagstone, tumbled, or embossed, while the colors include terracotta brown, cream brown, sandstone, earth tones, and more. A certified paving stone installation specialist can help you create and finish a beautiful design that compliments the exterior of your home.

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