Documenting the home renovation is turning me into a proud Little Piggy | Ireland

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when the Big Bad Wolf threatens to huff and puff and blow the Little Piggy’s house down, it’s only a worry for the dwellings made of straw or formed with sticks, right? Right?

Generally speaking, houses made of bricks are expected to withstand huffs, puffs and other such stuff. And especially period cottages such as ours. The old adage even goes that “they knew how to build ’em in those days”. Keep walking, Wolfie. Nothing to see here.

So you can imagine my surprise when our architect pinged our WhatsApp group with this news: “The brickwork at wall plate level has crumbled, so it has to be replaced.”

Now this isn’t as dramatic as it sounds, but it is

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