Do you need a repair person in DC? A new website with customer reviews can help you find a reliable website.

The DCRA Contractor Rating System provides a database of architects, interior designers, general contractors and building contractors that includes a rating from one to five stars based on the quality of their plan submissions and reviews (for architects and interior designers) and the pass / error rate in inspections of their projects for contractors. Finally, the DCRA Contractor Rating System will include ratings for approval accelerators, professional engineers, electricians, plumbers, gas installers, refrigeration technicians, and air conditioning mechanics.

DCRA decided to create the scoring system after hearing complaints from DC residents about contractors being paid without performing any work or correcting errors in their work. The hope is that a transparent way of verifying the professionalism of the contractors will reduce the problems for residents.

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The DCRA Contractor Rating System is free for consumers. DCRA recommends using the system to search for a licensed professional and read customer reviews on other websites for additional information.

To ensure objectivity, contractors do not pay for inclusion and are not allowed to log out of the system. All contractors licensed in DC who have worked on a project in the city in the past three years will be included in the database. Each profile contains the professional’s name and license number, as well as the address and approval number for each project the professional has worked on over the past three years.

When looking for a contractor, start with the professional type you need, e.g. B. a handyman. If you’re not sure what kind of professional you need, you can search all. The results can be sorted by total score, with five stars being the highest. You can also sort the list by professionals who completed the most projects in the past three years, or alphabetically if you’re looking for reviews on a specific person.

For more information and to review a contractor’s rating, click here.

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