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11/09/2021November 9, 20213 minutes read Join the conversation Insert CO window Photo by photovs /Getty Images / iStockphoto

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For reasons related to general wear and tear, cracked and loose parts, an overall stiffness that basically made things inoperable – and while I’m somewhat relevant, I’m not referring to your upcoming hip replacement surgery – but for all of these reasons we’d like our existing ones Replace window.


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As with most renovations, we get the best results when we completely remove the old and replace it with something new. Got an old stove, replace it with a new one. Asphalt shingles deteriorate, tear off everything but the plywood and start over.

Kitchen cabinets, flooring, plumbing, and electrics – if there’s a problem remove and replace it, the strategy is usually that simple.

Windows, well, the best scenario in most cases is to replace the window, frame, and everything. Replacing the entire window gives the homeowner the opportunity to check and, if necessary, replace the existing head and frame structure that surrounds the window, which may show signs of rot if water has penetrated for a long time.

If you are treating your window replacement project like building a new build, then you will need to wrap the frame with an impermeable membrane to protect it from moisture forever, replacing the existing insulation around the window, which could previously have been a combination of fiberglass and sawdust , Horse hair and whatever else might have been swept off the floor.

Today’s window installers use a low expansion foam to seal the space between the window and the wood studs, with the foam expanding into every nook and cranny, a far more energy efficient and overall better choice than Simply Filling’s hit-and-miss strategy of fiberglass product into the cavity.


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So why shouldn’t a homeowner replace the entire window unit and instead leave the existing frame intact and slide in a window insert?

Insert windows are simply normal windows with narrow frames that lack regular attachments such as tile strips or external nail flanges. This very simple frame makes it possible to simply insert the window unit into the space of the existing window after removing all moving parts. Reasons for choosing the insert strategy?

First, it is a cheaper device simply because you are buying a slightly smaller window with no additional external features than your existing one. Second, since this device takes less than 10 screws, maybe a couple of quarter round moldings, and a bead of sealing to attach, this will be a fairly quick and relatively inexpensive installation.

Although I am not a fan of giving the greatest weight to “saving money” when making a decision in a renovation format, because such a way of thinking can certainly backfire quickly enough, sometimes and really only in special situations, if a window should be available best left untouched.

What kind of existing framework would be considered sacrosanct or too risky to play with? Basically something that is really old and therefore practically irreplaceable.


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That being said, you can replace a knee, hip joint, and even a heart. So what is irreplaceable when it comes down to it?

On the other hand, how important is it to the integrity of the decor that you salvage the 200 year old oak paneling around a window in the old church that you are planning to convert into a house? And if you happen to crack or chop off the stucco work on the outside, the guy who last worked on this project is likely not available if you are hoping to seamlessly resolve such a dilemma.

So there are a few scenarios where the insert strategy could prove useful.

Otherwise, if the place you’re renovating wasn’t built before the Confederation, there is likely a decent alternative to the existing interior moldings and exterior tile moldings in case those moldings are beyond salvage.

The trick for a seamless transition from new to old is to order the new windows accurately and to fit them as precisely as possible into the existing window space.

Next week, ordering and replacing windows.

Good building.

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