Do fences increase home values?

We all want to feel safe in our yards to protect our garden furniture, pets, children and loved ones.

For safety reasons, more than half of the homes in America have some fencing around their backyard. Only five percent of homeowners fence part of their front yard. Homeowners ready to sell their home assume they need to put up a wall to add property value, but there are other factors that need to be considered.

Here are some questions you need to consider in order to make a smart choice!

What types of fences add value to your property?


The type of fence you put up can add or decrease its value. You should prefer a stylish and well-kept fence. If the wall you choose is a chain link, it will not add anything to the house next to the fence itself. When people put this fence up, it is usually because they have an immediate need, whether it be children or animals, and are on a budget. Some may think it looks cheap while others dislike the fact that it lacks privacy to a property like a traditional wooden fence would. If you want these fences, you can build one, but don’t be fooled into adding property value.

Is there a need for fences in your area?

Why are you building the fence Do neighborhood children run through everyone’s yard annoying you? Do you have a pool that you want to keep people out of? Or is there some other reason? In some cases, a fence can be helpful in keeping your property safe and private. Some homeowners put up barriers to keep alligators and snakes off their lawns, with mixed results in states like Florida. Consider if a potential home buyer would feel safer with a fenced-in yard.

Which part of your yard needs to be fenced in?

Are you thinking about fencing in your whole yard or just in the back yard? A house with classic Americana charm, either in a historic neighborhood or in an old age neighborhood. A fenced in front yard can add attractiveness. Although these fences are often waist-deep and don’t offer much protection or privacy, they keep a dog in the yard and add a touch of nostalgia to your home.

Are there any views that are blocked?

Some homeowners build fences only to find that they have ruined the beautiful view they used to have from their kitchen window. If you live near a beautiful river or an incredible mountain range is visible from your yard, try not to build a fence here. If someone wonders: should I rent or buy a house? While they are looking at your property, you want them to look at the views you love and help them make up their minds.


Buy a house

In the end, fences don’t add much value to your home other than security. A home with one wall will sell faster, but fences are still worth it for some people on a budget. Take into account all of the above and then decide for yourself whether a fence is the best choice for your garden.

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