Decks to Climb to Infinite – Savage Land Season

It has been a week since the launch of Savage Land season with new cards to shake up the meta. Zabu is arguably the strongest Battle Pass card they’ve featured, creating a new archetype. We also have new Series 5 cards incoming, though they aren’t necessary when climbing to infinite. The rank system accounts for your current collection level and matches you with people near you as a priority.

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With that said, you need a consistent deck to rack up cubes on your way to infinite. Here are some deck ideas to help you on your way there:

Patriot (Savage Land Edition)

Patriot decks are popular this season for a reason. It’s a deck that’s easy to power up, allowing you to play relatively cheap cards to fill the board. From there, you can power up your low-cost and no-ability cards. Patriot is the most reliable one, and you can double up your buff with Mystique copying him.

You also have the addition of Onslaught, which can take your opponents by surprise. Add Kazar and Blue Marvel for redundancy, and you have a recipe for consistency. You don’t have to rely on Patriot every game to win cubes.

Lastly, we have Ultron, which can help you fill the board when there are restricted locations. It’s a great play to fill out Death’s Domain, Luke’s Bar, Sanctum Sanctorum, and more.

Wong on Reveal

On-reveal decks are always fun, but you can create chaos with the help of Wong. Wong is a powerful card that allows you to double the effects of all your on-reveal cards played. You can pilot a Wong deck in many ways, with this one leaning into a more classic style.

Your most consistent combo will use Ironheart, White Tiger, and Odin. Ironheart will pump out six power for each trigger, and White Tiger can fill the board with seven power tigers. Odin is there to help them trigger two more times with Wong in play. Add Kamar Taj to the mix, and your chance to win increases.

Other options in this deck include Wolfsbane and Spider-Woman, helping you to win the Wong location. You also have the Ebony Maw and Storm, locking a lane but allowing you to take advantage of your on-reveals.

cerebro 2

Cerebro decks take some time to get used to, but they can consistently bring you cubes when played right. It is about playing 2-power cards and maintaining them all at the same power level. From there, you get to pump everything at turn 6 with the help of Cerebro and Mystique. Blue Marvel is also a way to pump everything with one power and allow Blue Marvel to get the Cerebro buff.

The challenge here is playing with elements that change your deck’s highest power. Monster Island, Nidavellir, Stark’s Tower, and other locations may ruin your math. Don’t be afraid to take the loss and escape so you can maximize the games you’re in a winning position.

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