Deck Ideas: Inexpensive Ways To Add Beauty And Value To Your Outdoor Area


When it comes to home improvement, few projects offer as much function and value as upgrading an outdoor space. While it’s hard to beat the beauty and durability of composite decks, wood has long been the material for deck construction projects because of its low cost and availability.

However, a new generation of entry-level composite decks detracts from the appeal of wood by offering the same benefits as premium composites at a price closer to pressure treated wood.

“If you think you can’t afford composite decks, it’s time to reconsider,” says Alison Victoria, professional designer and host of HGTV’s Windy City Rehab. “One of the most exciting new products for this outdoor season is Trex Enhance, the latest offering from the company that invented composite decks.

It’s an ideal choice for any homeowner who wants to spend more time relaxing in their outdoor living space rather than looking after it. “

Trex Enhance deck boards have a scalloped underside that requires less material per board than full boards. This strategic design feature eliminates the weight and cost of the boards, making them easier to handle and perform.

“Wood seems like the cheapest option upfront, but it requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep,” explains Victoria. “A wooden deck needs to be stripped, sanded, stained and sealed about every two years to maintain its appearance and structural integrity. When you factor in the cost of materials and labor over the life of a deck, the upfront cost for composite decks can easily pay for itself in just a few years. “

Are you looking for other ways to add beauty and value to your outdoor space? Victoria suggests the following:

• • Fry and sizzle with style – Most people don’t consider a grill to be a design piece. To instantly upgrade the look and luxury of an outdoor space, consider a built-in grill surrounded by coordinated cabinets and convenient storage.

• • Go vertical – Vertical gardens are all the rage this season and are a great way to add natural beauty and privacy without the heavy lifting of traditional landscaping.


• • Make it modern – Modern lines are a top trend in interior design that extends to outside areas and provides a seamless visual transition. For a fresh, clean look, avoid overly intricate or busy patterns. Instead, opt for neutral, geometric patterns on pillows and accessories, and choose streamlined outdoor furniture and minimalist aluminum railings to frame the space without obstructing the view.

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