Daiwa House acquires 1,649 land plots from Urban Renaissance Agency

On March 29th, Daiwa House Industry (1925:JP) announced that it acquired 1,649 land parcels with fixed-term leasehold rights in 24 locations across Japan previously owned by the Urban Renaissance Agency (UR) on March 18th, bringing the total land parcels acquired by Daiwa House to 2,271, including 622 parcels acquired in June of 2021.

Leasehold land acquired in Fukuoka Prefecture’s Chikushino City. Photo courtesy of Daiwa House.

Using the land rent from the acquired parcels, Daiwa House Industry will further develop Livness, a one stop real estate solution for consumers that includes brokerage, purchase and resale, renovation and remodeling, and other services in cooperation with Daiwa House Group companies.

Liveness promotional video courtesy of the Daiwa House YouTube Channel. Japanese language only.

Livness offers consumers the option of talking to one point of contact for rental brokerage, sales & purchase brokerage, renovation and new build services.

That one point of contact will interface with Daiwa House Industry group companies to provide a custom solution to consumers that match their particular living situations and desires.

In creating and bolstering the Livness service, Daiwa House Industry is shifting from developing brand new properties and more towards earning by improving Japan’s second hand housing consumer appeal.

According to a press release in July of 2021 announcing the initial acquisition of 622 parcels of leasehold UR land, Daiwa said “According to the Nomura Research Institute, [Japan] new housing starts are expected to decline, with 630,000 new starts in FY2030 and 410,000 in FY2040.”

Daiwa continued, “On the other hand, according to the Yano Research Institute, the FY2020 home renovation market size (April 2020-March 2021) is estimated at 6.7 trillion yen (preliminary figures), a 1.6% increase over the previous year, even with the pandemic.”

Livness offers services in Japanese only so those interested in contacting the firm should have a Japanese speaker ready to assist if need be.

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