Cub Cadet offers free lawn service for first responders

MICHIGAN – While first responders work to protect and care for us during this pandemic, the last thing they should do is tend the lawn.

Lawn care equipment manufacturer Cub Cadet works with the on-demand lawn care service. Task Easy offers police, fire brigade, paramedics, doctors and nurses free lawn care for one month. Lawn service is essential right now as it keeps pests away from our homes. Plus, our local lawn care companies stay in business.

As we spend more time at home, our yards have become places of entertainment, relaxation, and even exercise.

It is very easy to sign up. Just fill out an application and Cub Cadet will match you with a lawn service near you.

“It’s two cuttings almost every two weeks, so we can take about a month off your plate,” said Emily Sword, director of branding strategy at Cub Cadet.

“That includes mowing, pruning trees, fences and picking up clippings. First-aiders have so much to do that they just bring us all to safety. When they have the opportunity to drive into the driveway after a long time.” Day, a lot of stress, the last thing to think about is a shabby looking lawn. “

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