Cross-country fence auction to raise funds for security studies

Eric Bull donated a cabin fence up for auction to aid the US Eventing Association’s Frangible (Collapsible) Fence Study.

American cross-country course builder Eric Bull donated a fence to auction to support the US Eventing Association’s Collapsible Fence Study.

There’s a $ 500 reserve on Bull’s beginner’s cross-country cabin that typically sells for around $ 1000.

The funds raised would be used to renew the Collapsible Fence Study, with Eventing supporter Jacqueline Mars asking the USEA to raise $ 25,000 for the project. When the goal is achieved Mars will also donate $ 25,000 for the study.

Bull has built courses for the world’s best designers and is in great demand due to its commitment to superior construction using the best possible materials.

The cabin was part of the course at the Young Event Horse Championship earlier this year.

The 2009-2010 by Dr. Suzanne Smith of the University of Kentucky and funded USEA and USEF study on fragile (collapsible) fences has been suspended because of the US economic recession.

Smith continued to work independently with engineers and researchers in the UK and with MIM systems developer Mats Bjorneton. This work has resulted in many new types of fencing now being eligible for the new technology.

The comprehensive international study will take up to two years and it is estimated that around $ 160,000 will be required to cover the costs.

Bids for the cabin can be submitted Here.

»Update: Green light for eventing’s fragile fence study

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