CRH, Top Asphalt Producer, Joins NAPA Climate Initiative : CEG

CRH Americas Materialsone of North America’s largest asphalt paving companies and asphalt producers, has joined The Road Forward, an industry-wide initiative of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) to achieve net zero carbon emissions in asphalt pavements. The move is the latest in many steps CRH has taken to proactively address the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

Sustainability is deeply embedded in all aspects of CRH’s business. CRH is committed to building a more resilient, circular and sustainable world, which includes product innovation in warm-mix asphalt and recycled asphalt pavements, both of which are key components to achieving the industry goals established in The Road Forward. Moreover, CRH’s Innovation Center for Sustainable Construction (ICSC) partners with industry and academia to develop new and innovative technologies to advance environmental goals and solutions, with more than 60 research projects under way.

“CRH’s leadership in the areas of sustainability and environmental responsibility, both at the company level and at the Association level, have been tremendous,” said NAPA President and CEO Audrey Copeland. “Through innovation, leadership, and profound commitment, CRH sets an example for asphalt mix producers and pavers throughout our industry.”

A NAPA member since 1986, CRH’s active leadership in the association has made a significant contribution to advancing the industry. Executive Vice President John Keating served as NAPA chairman of the board in 2013, a role that CRH Americas Materials New England Group President Christian Zimmermann will embrace in 2023.

“In addition to delivering a more sustainable built environment, our decarbonization efforts often have the added benefit of reducing the cost of asphalt pavement materials, improving their performance, or both,” said Ron Sines, CRH’s vice president, Sustainability & Decarbonization.

Sines chaired NAPA’s Climate Stewardship Task Force, which developed The Road Forward based on extensive research and input from producers, suppliers and academia.

“By formally joining The Road Forward initiative, CRH will help further advance emissions reduction technologies and practices, generating value for pavement owners, industry and other stakeholders.”

“CRH’s commitment to and support of The Road Forward further propels our collective vision for the future: sustainable communities and commerce, connected by net zero carbon asphalt pavements,” said Copeland.

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