County is considering window replacement at courthouse | news

Crawford County is considering renovating the courthouse to control heating and cooling bills.

The County Commissioners are expected to confirm the hiring of EADS Architects Inc. when they vote next week. If approved, EADS will provide architectural services for a window replacement project in the downtown Meadville building.

There are an estimated 123 windows to replace – many of them single-pane from the mid-1950s when the courthouse was renovated and expanded.

Many of the windows have sill or paint problems or they fit poorly, which according to the commissioners leads to both heating and cooling losses.

The replacement of the windows would be done in conjunction with the updating of the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

“It doesn’t make sense to look at an upgraded HVAC system if we’re not looking at windows that are running out of heating and cooling,” said Commissioner Chris Soff.

Architectural services are required to evaluate the correct windows, Soff said. Since the courthouse is in a designated historic neighborhood, the windows would have to match the style, he added.

The goal is to replace all windows this year, but it would also depend on the price, said Soff and Commissioner Francis Weiderspahn Jr.

The county could finance the project with funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. In 2020, the County of Pennsylvania received a $ 7.6 million grant through the Federal CARES Act.

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