Counterfeit suspect arrested who claims to be the lawn service man

At around 10:39 am on Wednesday, October 14th, Cleveland Police Officer E. Fleming was sent to Austin Bank at 807 East Houston here in Cleveland because a man tried to pass a fraudulent check.

Upon Fleming’s arrival, she was referred to the male suspect who presented the forged check. The suspect wore a safety vest and claimed to work in the area. Officer Fleming was shown the check by the cashier, and Fleming noted that the check resembled a previously reported counterfeit check that had been made out to the same account days earlier.

The Austin Bank staff did a great job identifying the check as suspicious and notifying law enforcement immediately. I would also like to commend Officer Fleming for handling the previous forgery cases involving the citizen’s personal commercial bank account that has already been breached.

Fleming said the account holder was verified “that the check was bad.” The suspect was immediately taken into custody by Fleming and taken to the Cleveland Police Department jail, where he was booked and charged with forgery of a financial instrument, a crime in the state prison. The suspect arrested was Eric Hunter Tizzano, 47, from Houston. He was later taken to Liberty County Jail and bailed at $ 5,000.

This is an ongoing investigation as previous bogus audits were done on the same account.

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