Contrast colored trim is trendy – this is how you get the look

“When painting an entire room in your house, it’s best to paint the ceilings a flat paint first, then the walls an eggshell paint, and then finish the cladding with a semi-gloss paint,” says David Steckel, Thumbtack House Expert. “Make sure you fix any dents or damage to the siding before you begin. Use either plaster of paris or wooden spatula and don’t forget to sand and smooth the area.”

Although Steckel says painter’s tape isn’t always necessary, it can be helpful, especially if you’re unsure about the stability of your hand. For example, when painting the baseboard, you can use tape along both the edge of the wall and the floor to ensure a clean line.

When hiring a professional for the job, keep in mind that complicated details can add to the cost of the project. “Skirting, paneling, moldings, paneling, windows, and rails all take extra time to paint, which in turn increases the cost of interior painting,” he explains. “Painters charge for additional tape, contrasting or matching paint and materials that are needed to paint additional moldings.” But for a stylish effect that you will want to live with for years, the project may be worth the extra effort or cost.

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