Concrete Floor Ideas – Inspiration for Your New Polished Concrete Floor

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Advantages and disadvantages of choosing a concrete floor

Costs: Concrete floor coverings are relatively inexpensive. According to ServiceSeeking, the average cost per m2 is around AUD 55. A simple floor project can cost up to AUD 50 / m2and decorative flooring can cost up to $ 60 / m2.

Durability: One of the main advantages of concrete is its strength. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance – as long as it’s sealed and polished it will stay attractive for years. It’s also resistant to fire, stains, water, and bacteria.


Appearance: Anyone who does not regard concrete as an attractive floor covering has to rethink their concrete concept. It can be mixed with natural materials like stone, wood, and brick to create an industrial-chic design. It also goes with the soft, neutral color palette of a Scandinavian style home. But gray isn’t your only color choice – you can dye, paint, or stain concrete floors to create tons of effects you want.

Crack: Concrete can crack due to changes in temperature, humidity, and settling. And you can’t ignore it if it does either. Cracks can spread and cause you to repeat the entire floor.

A small winter garden with a couch and coffee table with concrete floor and walls


Toughness: The hard surface of concrete can also be a disadvantage. It’s not the most comfortable material to step on and it can hurt if you slip and fall. Placing rugs softens the space, but it may not be what you’re looking for if you want a clean, minimalist design.

Temperature: Concrete does not insulate heat. It will feel cold on your feet, especially in winter. Ask your contractor to add underfloor heating to solve this problem.

How are concrete floors laid?

The installation depends on the technology used or the coatings desired. Here are your options for concrete floors.

Polished concrete: While raw concrete can look rough and unrefined, polished concrete floors look sleek and elegant. Don’t worry about how to polish concrete – The process is pretty simple. Rent a floor polisher and sand the concrete smooth. Apply a concrete sealer to protect the surface.

If you don’t have concrete yet, you can buy it Boral precast concrete.

An open plan Balinese villa with a concrete floor


Epoxy concrete: Epoxy is applied by prepping the concrete surface with a grinder and then rolling a two-part epoxy resin. You can check for concrete paint prices at your local hardware store, however Water-based epoxy resin typically costs around AUD159.

While applying epoxy with rollers is an easy DIY solution, it creates a slightly rougher texture. You can also opt for a self-leveling epoxy system that creates a smooth and even texture on the surface. It is more advisable to use a self-leveling epoxy professional as it is formulated differently.

Concrete layer: While an existing concrete slab is refined when polishing or painting, new cement is poured when covering the concrete. Applying cement or polymer coatings adds color and texture and can also serve as a straightener for uneven flooring.

13 ideas for concrete floors

If you are wondering how to get a concrete floor right, take a look at the following ideas for inspiration. Here you can see the enormous potential of concrete floors.

13. Use it in the bathroom

Concrete is water resistant and easy to clean, which makes it ideal for a bathroom. Remember to add a non-slip finish or surface treatment.

12. Black and white

When concrete is painted black, it creates a stunning contrast with white cabinets and walls.

11. Make it clean and neutral

Light concrete goes well with rustic barn doors and neutral accessories.

10. Experiment with the grayscale

Make your house look like it is a classic black and white movie by choosing shades of gray for every corner.

9. Keep it simple

Concrete and wood are a heavenly game. Combine them to create a modern, rustic home.

8. Play with exposed aggregates

Sand the top of the concrete to expose the aggregate and you will get a multi-colored floor that is both beautiful and durable.

7. Try weathered wood concrete

Get the look of weathered wood tile with punched concrete. This involves using a stamp on wet cement to create interesting textures like wood grain.

6. Make patterns

Paint concrete several interesting colors to create beautiful patterns. The sky is the limit for what you can create.

5. Install concrete floor slabs

You don’t need to lay cement if you want concrete floors. You can buy polished concrete floorboards as if you were installing tiles.

4. Apply an acid stain

Play with bold colors by applying an acid stain. You’ll never say concrete is a boring flooring option again.

3. Burnished concrete

Compared to polishing, Polishing is a cheaper option that gives the same smooth, refined finish.

2. Epoxy concrete floor

Epoxy creates a breathtaking shine effect. It is available in different colors and can be designed in different patterns.

Epoxy concrete floor with paint roller


1. Stick to polished concrete floors

Nothing beats the original. The smooth, gray finish is perfect for a minimalist or industrial-chic space.

Add a wooden picnic table to create a modern but rustic barn-style home.

If you leave out the ornaments, you still have a beautiful space.

Complete your industrial-chic interior by combining your concrete floor with a suspended concrete staircase.

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