Commissioners could approve $1.788 million courthouse window replacement contract | Local News

It appears the Williams County Commissioners will approve a $1,788 million bid to replace or restore the 175 windows in the county courthouse.

The county had requested bulletproof glass in some of the windows, and in a bid opening for the project in early June, received two options.

In a June 28 letter to commissioners, the county’s project consultant suggested the county go with 3M bulletproof window film level 2 on select windows, rather than bullet-resistant glass clad polycarbonate level 4.

The 3M film is less expensive than the polycarbonate by about $30.00, and the polycarbonate “gives the selected windows a significantly different look from the rest of the windows,” said Eric Baltzell, CEO of Garmann Miller, a Minster, Ohio-based architecture and design firm.

The polycarbonate also apparently causes some distortion in visibility when looking through the glazing, plus the life expectancy and warranty for the bullet-resistant glazing are significantly less than for the 3M film, he added.

The Wilson Group Inc., of Kansas City, Missouri, was the sole bidder on the specialized project, in which 169 of the 175 windows will be replaced, and six windows will be restored on the 133-year-old, four-story, 35,254-square-foot brick French Baroque and Romanesque style courthouse in downtown Bryan.

The cost break now is as follows:

$1,679,005 — Replace 169 windows

$43,050 — Restore six windows

$66,390 — 3M window film level 2 on select windows

The estimated initial cost for the project was $1.8 million. Commissioners indicated they were happy with the combined bid price and have identified the project as their No. 1 capital improvement project for 2022, though the work may go into 2023. Commissioners have indicated they plan to use American Rescue Plan (ARP) money to fund it.

Wilson is also the contractor on the Paulding County Courthouse exterior door and window replacement project.

Once the commissioners formally approve this project to move forward, Baltzell said Garmann Miller will prepare a contract.

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