Comcast NBCUniversal, SAP, Power Home Remodeling and Sheetz make Fortune one of the 100 best jobs in 2021

Working life in the US and around the world has changed significantly under the pressures and pressures of the coronavirus pandemic. Many industries have been hammered, millions have been pushed out of their jobs, and the office real estate sector remains in a state of uncertainty.

In the midst of unusually difficult circumstances, Fortune 2021 has compiled its ranking of the 100 best places to work in the United States. This is the 23rd year the company has released this ranking, which is based on an annual workforce study and survey conducted on more than half a million people.

The survey is managed by Great Place to Work, a people analytics company that offers a certification program and workplace culture surveys.

Four Philadelphia area companies retained their Fortune list in 2021, with some of their positions mixed.

In a typical year, Fortune assigns a company a score based primarily on confidential employee feedback and an analysis of the responses to essays companies give about their programs and practices.

For this year’s leaderboard, Fortune continued to include this data, but put more emphasis on the actions companies are taking to respond to the challenges of the pandemic. The ranking also took into account more demographic data points and a closer look at HR practices and programs.

The best local company to make the list is Comcast NBCUniversal, which climbed from 64th to 21st last year. From Fortune’s ranking:

The telecommunications giant, which employs more than 120,000 people in the United States, saw demand for home orders rise as its Internet service became a primary means of interaction. Comcast’s media and entertainment division, NBCUniversal, experienced a major downturn while the cinemas closed. The company responded to the move with additional paid time off, reduced costs, and retraining – for example, some retail workers dedicated to call center work – and by helping more Americans access the Internet. An important initiative was the creation of 1,000 new “Lift Zones” with Wi-Fi connection in local communities. Others included waiving fees for new low-income customers worth two months and expanding hotspot access to non-customers.

The next local company on the list is SAP America of Newtown Township, Delaware County, an IT company that climbed to number 29 and improved to number 59 from last year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, SAP lowered the eligibility thresholds and continued hourly and contract workers even when their projects were disrupted. The US subsidiary of the European company also launched the “Are you okay?” Initiative to provide on-demand mental health resources. In June, when the social justice movement began, SAP created an action plan to support equality organizations and support black-owned companies.

Power Home Remodeling, based in Chester, Delaware County, fell from 50th to 70th on the 2021 list. Known for its millennial workforce, the company has been lauded by employees for navigating COVID-19:

The Power Home Remodeling Group instilled confidence in employees in the uncertain and nerve-wracking beginnings of COVID. The company continued to pay workers until the first incentive was passed and then put them on vacation because they would make more money with increased unemployment. The company kept its promise to bring its employees back and has now brought 100% of its employees back to work. “If there is one thing that shows what a great place to work this is, it is how management has dealt with the pandemic,” writes one employee.

The last company in the region to be on Fortune’s list is the convenience store chain Sheetz, which landed at number 83, falling three places down on last year’s ranking:

Sheetz encouraged staff to stay home if they felt sick or were at high risk – and gave those who continued to work on the front lines an additional $ 3.00 an hour. “They treated us like family,” says one employee. And while touchscreen menus are now commonplace, Sheetz debuted his version back in 1989. The Kidz Meal Bagz program offered children 346,000 free meals across the Sheetz area.

Below are the 10 best Fortune jobs in 2021.

1. Cisco – San Jose, California
2. Salesforce – San Francisco, California
3. Hilton – McLean, Virginia
4. Wegmans Food Markets – Rochester, New York
5. Missile Companies – Detroit, Michigan
6. UKG – Westin, Florida and Lowell, Massachusetts
7. Texas Health Resources – Arlington, Texas
8. Camden Property Trust – Houston, Texas
9. Captial One Financial – McLean, Virginia
10. American Express – New York, New York

“These companies have managed not only to get mixed up, but to become role models,” said Fortune. “The takeaway seems clear: Companies that treat employees well in the most difficult times will attract talent even as the talent war intensifies.”

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