Cohasset approves purchase of solar lighting from Tioga | news

Cohasset City Council on Monday approved the purchase of up to $ 7,000 for solar lighting in the Tioga Recreation Area Pavilion.

“We looked at it as a whole committee,” said Jack Yates, co-chair of the Public Utilities Commission. “We want to make sure there is enough light, especially for people who are going out there for the first time. One of the big problems with the boat dock is that there is no power to the construction site. ”

“The other concerns we have are from an admissible standpoint,” added Yates. “Our concern about lighting is safety.”

“The pavilion itself has a sloping roof,” said Yates. “Because we’re not sure how much light will come out. We thought we’d have a few out there and we could always get more because they are individual systems. We’ve hit the top end, and if we’d bought about 12 lights we’d be at a maximum of $ 7,000. “

Yates expressed some concerns about the lights in cold weather.

“You won’t see a lot of people out there by 25 anyway,” said Councilor Tim Carlson.

“Then who owns the lights?” Asked City Councilor Phillip Hermel. “As for maintenance, who would be waiting?”

It would be the responsibility of the city.

“We want to try to get the fireman out of there,” said Hermel.

“So let’s turn on the lights, Jack, thanks,” said Greg Hagy, Cohasset Mayor.

In other matters the Council has:

• Approved an offer from Quality Flow for $ 1,600 for lift station upgrade equipment and services.

“There used to be only one alarm, and now they could see and plan accordingly,” said Mayor Hagy. “This is the one who communicates what the problem is.”

“Before we didn’t have the remote capabilities,” added Mayor Hagy.

“So basically $ 1,600 for four lift stations?” Councilor Jason Tabaka asked.

“Yes, that’s for four lift stations,” said Mayor Hagy.

• Approved Resolution 2021-10 authorizing the city to accept funds from the IRRRB Development Infrastructure Program for the construction of an incubator building in the Cohasset Industrial Park.

“We’ve been waiting for it and now we have it,” said Councilor Terry Bartz.

“Well done, Max,” added Mayor Hagy.

• Approved Resolution 2021-11, which authorizes the city to accept funds from the IRRB Culture and Tourism Grant and provide US $ 20,000 in funding.

“This is for the Tioga Recreation Area. If we got the grand total, it would be $ 40,000,” said Max Peters, Cohasset’s chief financial officer.

• Approved Draft Co-Ownership Agreement for Range Marketing Campaign for $ 5,000.

“A campaign between the four cycle path units,” said Mayor Hagy. “This is solely bike path marketing.”

“Max, how did you get this information,” Mayor Hagy asked.

“We always had a respect for working together and creating wider reach,” said Peters. “We would like to jointly market this area to people outside of our region. I think what’s really exciting is that it’s marketing on a higher level than we’ve ever done before. ”

“We’d have to hire someone to do PR [public relations] for this project, ”said Mayor Hagy.

“Yes,” said Peters.

• Purchase of a volleyball system from Epic Sports for $ 2,544.99.

“I didn’t even know we were playing volleyball there,” said Carlson.

“We’re not going to the gym during school hours,” said Peters.

“The school did not want to participate because it is more of a recreational program for the city,” said Mayor Hagy.

“To be honest, I’d like to see more information about it,” asked Carlson.

“Obviously he (Dave O’Fallen) sees a need for this,” Mayor Hagy said.

“I just want more information about who will be using it,” said Carlson.

“I’m going to let Dave know to make some use,” Mayor Hagy said.

“Find out where to keep it,” said Bartz.

• Approved amended Articles of Association of the Economic Development Authority (EDA), changing the voting members from eight to seven.

• Approved recommendation by the EDA for spending $ 667,100 in EDA funds to complete Phase Two of the Downtown Development Project.

“This is money that we have in the EDA,” said Bartz. “It’s also money where we can say we can stop. But they must have it in advance. “

• Approved increase in regulatory spending limit to $ 5,000.

“Nevertheless, we should stay up to date with the money we have spent,” said Mayor Hagy. “I no longer see the $ 800 as practical.”

• Approved the initiation of a draft lease for the senior citizen center.

“It kind of mirrors our rental process for the community center,” Mayor Hagy said.

“I’ve had a lot of inquiries and we haven’t set anything up yet,” said Carlson.

“You have a very difficult time getting furniture at the moment,” said Bartz. “You’re talking about April. Hopefully everything will be there by mid-April. ”

“It’s brand new, it’s beautiful, and I think people are really going to enjoy it. It’s going to be a really nice place, ”said Mayor Hagy.

• Approved Resolution 2021-12 to Incentive Wood Pellet Production, a letter of support to the City of Grand Rapids promoting investments in the wood pellet plant.

• I heard an update from Cohasset Security Officer Dean Scherf about security cameras.

“This year we ran the maintenance workshop and thought about getting a new camera system in Portage Park. There’s a system out there, but it’s pretty out of date, ”said Scherf. “I think the city would make a wise move to update the cameras.”

“The new system is very nice,” said Scherf. “Walter and I can look at the cameras from home. He’s running the shop and I can check out the other city cameras. “

• Approved Claims of $ 69,160.13, City Council Minutes February 23, 2021, confirmed Public Utilities Commission Minutes February 1, 2021 and EDA Minutes February 2, 2021.

All council members were present. There was no input from residents.

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