Close a house? Here’s how long it takes | Personal finance

Your lender must give you your closing statement at least three days before closing. It is the companion of the credit estimate that you received after applying for your home loan, and you should compare the two documents to keep your lender honest.

Your lender is not required to provide your closing documents upfront. However, if he doesn’t volunteer, you should ask about it. There is no reason why you should press these documents through on the day you are due to close. Receiving them in advance will give you more time to find bugs, develop questions, and correct and answer them without delaying your graduation.

Personal locking vs. digital locking

The pandemic increased the availability of digital mortgages and online closures. In more than half of the US states, you can even have your final documents notarized remotely via video conference. You can also sign the paperwork, which does not require remote and electronic notarization, by using a service like DocuSign that your lender selects and arranges.

This process can be faster and more convenient than the old-fashioned method of having face-to-face meetings and delivering physical documents. Even FedEx can’t beat the speed of digital. But the next best thing if a 100% online deal isn’t available, or if you’re not comfortable with it, is to use a mobile notary to come to your home or meet you in a mutually acceptable location.

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