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Clark Public Utilities recently increased its discounts on heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and window replacement. The discounts are part of Clark Public Utilities’ work to improve energy efficiency in Clark County and provide customers with an opportunity to save money on their utility bills.

Matt Babbitts, energy services project manager, said Clark Public Utilities has been working on “how the utility can be a good partner for the community” since the pandemic began and how they can help customers during this challenging time. The utility decided to increase discounts on popular maintenance measures like HVAC upgrades and replacing older, less efficient windows.

According to the utility, some of the discounts on these upgrades have doubled. If a homeowner replaced their electric convection oven with a variable speed heat pump, the utility discount is now $ 2,000, down from $ 1,000. The discount for simply replacing the heat pump increased from $ 500 to $ 750. And for homeowners looking to replace windows, Clark Public Utilities is now offering a $ 8 per square foot discount for triple windows. When a customer completes one of the discount options, they will receive a check from Clark Public Utilities for the new discount amount.

“Clark Public Utilities has reviewed all of the most effective measures to make your home more efficient and has increased these discounts,” said Babbitts.

Babbitts explained how Clark Public Utilities hopes to keep the new discount amounts available to customers for about a year. The incentive boost ends around September 2021. For Babbitts, the promotion is a win for all parties involved in the upgrades. Customers make their homes more efficient, contractors get money to boost the local economy, and the utility can save more electricity.

Along with the increased discounts, Clark Public Utilities adjusted the qualification standards for some of its grant programs, including its low-interest loan program, when the pandemic hit Clark County. The utility said it wanted to bring energy-saving products and discount programs to customers and stimulate economic activity.

While the program may be more accessible due to increased discounts and changed financial assistance requirements, Babbitts made some reservations about the program. First, the discount program does not apply to people with gas-heated houses, but only to people with electrically-heated houses. Second, the replacements must be carried out by a Clark Public Utilities approved contractor. Clark Public Utilities media specialist Dameon Pesanti said going through the contractors ensures quality work is being done and making it easier for the client.

“All customers have to do is sign the bottom line and the contractors do the rest,” he said.

A list of the DIY enthusiasts eligible for discounts can be found at:

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