City of Mission Viejo: Greet the holidays with the annual vacation home lighting competition

November 3, 2021

With 2021 coming to an end, now is the time to share the Christmas cheer through the annual holiday home lighting competition.

Mission Viejo residents are encouraged to brighten up their neighborhoods by participating in the annual lighting competition. Homes must be decorated and applications submitted to the Mission Viejo Activities Committee by December 3rd at 5:00 p.m.

The houses are rated on the basis of categories such as “Most Creative”; Best topic; Make best use of lighting; New children in the block; Show stopper; and Light Up Your Neighborhood Award.

The preliminary evaluation will take place from December 5th to 6th, the final evaluation on December 8th. The winners will receive prizes together with the winner’s sign for their front yard and a photo. They’ll be featured on vacation driving directions and on the community vacation rentals YouTube video.

For more information, call 949-830-7066 or visit

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