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Central Heating and Plumbing won the 3rd session of the Dan Merkosky Memorial League. They ended with 221 points. The team members are Joe Rodemoyer, Adam Walsh, Mike Rodemoyer and Brandon Mosley. Our Gang’s / 900 Global took 2nd place with 207 points, while Byrider took 3rd place with 193½ points.

The season highs of the teams go to the following. Scratch series: (1) Our Gang’s / 900 Global (2732), team members are Pie Rossi, Jeremy Fraley, Burton Stiles and Rick Coon and (2) Byrider (2655). Handicap series: (1) Krown Rust Protection (2963), team members are Jon Melhorn, Barry Laskowitz, Joe Gaydek IV and Chase Vassen and (2) Morris Chiropractic (2951).

Scratch game: (1) central heating and plumbing (1031) and (2) Knott’s Interiors (938). Handicap Game: (1) Christina’s Scrubs (1081), team members are Bob Young Jr., Bill Johnson Jr., Mark Ewing and Shane Young, and (2) M&R Power Equipment (1036).

Individual highs are held by the following. Scratch series: (1) Stiles (797), (2) Coon (772) and (3) Mike Rodemoyer (771). Handicap series: (1) Vassen (826), (2) Jeremy Bowers and (3) ShaneYoung (819).

Scratch game: (1-0) Mosley and Dave Campbell (300) and (2) Shawn Hoover (296). Handicap game: (1) Alan C. Carpec (330), (2) CJ Bukus (329) and (3) Frank Negrea III (325).

Coon is the average leader with 225. Hoover is second with 223 and Stiles third with 221.

Lewis Hiner is in the lead with 78.5 points. Fraley is 2nd with 78.5, Hoover is 3rd with 77.5, and Mario Schultz is 4th with 77.

The league consists of 53 bowlers – 50 men and 3 women. The league average is 190. The men’s average is 190, the women 164.

There are 23 bowlers with an average of 200 or more and there were 22,700 or more series.

• Clark House won the 3rd session of the PNA Monday Night Mixed League. They had 22 wins. Team members are Patty Kuzniar, Brian Clepper, Pam Dorfi and Dan Sadowski. Lock Stock & Barrell and Joni’s Styling Salon took 2nd place with 21 wins and Hermann’s Water 3rd place with 20½ wins.

The team heights are as follows. Scratch Series: (1) Glancy’s Lawn Care (2213), team members are Kim Brown, Leonor Davis, and Fred Smith; (2) Combine Brothers (2116) and (3) AMVETS Post 290 (2000). Handicap series: (1) Herrmann’s Water (2216), team members are Pat McKinnon, Chuck Burns, Dodie Moss and Bill Vasconi; (2) Lock Stock & Barrell (2163) and (3) Big Mac’s Seal Coating (2097).

Scratch High Game: (1) Husnicks Auto Clinic (772), team members are Sandy Gregory, Carol Haywood, Tom Barnett and George Moss; (2) Erme’s Distributing (759) and (3) Joni’s Styling Salon. Handicap Game: (1) Nittany Pub & Grille (786), team members are Shawnda Szugye, Dave Ankey, Carl Szugye and George Rearick; (2) High Street Pub and Grill (786) and (3) Clark House (752).

The men’s individual highs are held by the following. Series of scratches: (1) Brian Blair (701), (2), Brian Geisel (97) and (3) Mike Howard (646). Handicap series: (1) Bill Vasconi (776), (2) George Moss (755) and (3) Kurt Szugye (745). Handicap game: (1) Darren McAninch (295) and (2 draws) Dave Ankey, Alan C. Carpec and Fred Smith (289).

Women’s individual highs go down to the following. Series of scratches: (1) Cathy Smith (650), (2) Dolly Szugye (601) and (3) Pat Stubbs (529). Handicap series: (1) Joyce Geisel (726), (2) Patty Kuzniar (708) and (3) Stacia Pascale (699).

Scratch game: (1) Deanna Johnson (245), (2) Leonor Davis (230) and (3) Dodie Moss (211). Handicap game: (1) Melissa Vasconi (277), (2) Bailey Holmes-Raiti (270) and (3) Jean Howard (269).

Brian Giesel leads the men with an average of 199. George Rearick is 2nd with 196. Brian Blair is 3rd with 183. Alan C. Carpec is 4th with 183 and George Moss is 4th with 182.

Dolly Szugye leads the women at 171. Leonor Davis is 2nd with 171. Cathy Smith is 3rd with 168. Deanna Johnson is 4th with 159 and Pat Stubbs is 5th with 155.

GABE D’ANGELO is a member of the Mercer County’s Bowling Hall of Fame and the Professional Bowlers Writers Association, who writes this weekly column for The Herald. He can be reached at [email protected]

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