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Mark McBride, a sales representative with Cardinal Door Inc. of Fenton, said he hopes homeowners consider the biggest and most used door at their house – that’s normally the garage door.

“Everybody spends tens and thousands of dollars on the front entry door, which is beautiful, but every day you have this mechanical thing going up and down, up and down, up and down,” he said. “Unless you’ve got the best operator, you got the best rollers, you got the best cables, you got a nice door going up and down, it’s nothing but a constant headache.”

He said Cardinal Door can either replace garage doors or do repairs.

“It’s the biggest mechanical piece in your house that’s used every day,” he said. “It’s a shield on the front of your house. So, it is a statement to the front of your house.”

McBride said all employees with Cardinal Door are up-front about pricing.

“We give you a choice: Do you want us to fix it or do you not want us to fix it? We tell you the price then,” he said. “That way the ball is in your court.”

McBride said there are also many options for colors and styles of garage doors.

“A lot of the companies now have many, many colors that don’t cost any more than white,” he said.

He said an updated garage door can transform the look of your house.

“You have a 16-by-7 mural on the front of your house,” he said.

McBride said Cardinal Door has done business in the St. Louis metro area for more than 30 years.

The office is at 255 Northwest Blvd. in Fenton. Cardinal Door can be reached at 314-677-4444 or [email protected]

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