California Target Store Hit With Tons Of Roof Leaks From Storm, Video Shows

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The west coast is still gettin’ hit HARD with flash floods … and one Target store’s roof isn’t holding up well — based on the look of dozens of leaks caught throughout the store!

Video obtained by TMZ shows the makeshift response to a seriously leaky roof at the big-box store location in Irvine, CA Monday night. Employees appear to have set up tons of strategically-placed plastic bags that take water directly into buckets below.

target ceiling leaky

It’s a pretty crazy sight to see…especially as you notice just how big the store is, and the bags just keep goin’ and goin’.

As we reported, this new year weather is no joke — Montecito locals, including prince harry other Megan Markle, oprahand Ellen DeGenereswere ordered to evacuate after being hit with a TON of rainfall.

Cleanup on aisle everywhere.

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