Burton CARES ‘new police program will use door signs to share safety tips and concerns

BURTON, Michigan (WJRT) – Law enforcement in our country has seen a surge in violent crime since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mid-Michigan is no different, but a law enforcement agency is announcing new programs and ideas to fight back.

Even so, they cannot do it without a strong relationship with the people in the church.

According to Brian Ross, the Burton Police Chief, there were 14 gun-related crimes in 2019, but 50 in 2020.

“We have increased our traffic stops. We have increased our neighborhood patrols. We’ll find this now, ”said Ross.

Burton Police continue the fight, setting up a weekend task force for the south end of town in locations where police detect an increase in crime.

As early as this summer, you may find that door signs are also scattered around town.

“We will go around opening people’s doors when officials see a problem. One of the complaints we usually get is that they never see the police. Well we are there. We just weren’t in touch and let people know we were there. I think this will help both ways, ”said Ross.

These concerns could include an open garage door or an unlocked car. They also contain safety tips to help prevent crime. All of this is part of their latest initiative, Burton CARES, also known as the Community and Resident Equality Service program. It consists of eleven officials from all ranks in the department and will also include community members

“I hope that the residents feel safe. I hope they will understand that we are out there working. We are out there doing everything we can to protect them and we are going to stop endlessly to make sure that happens, ”said Ross.

So far, the community’s reaction to Facebook has mainly supported community members, who have even asked to get involved.

Others say they don’t want a door hanger to attract criminals to see what someone was missing.

Ross says if you’re interested in signing up, you can reach out to him all month long.

To do this, fill out the form in the Citizen Request Center by clicking here.

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