BRCTC Board of Governors Approves Window Replacement Project | Magazine news

MARTINSBURG – The Board of Governors of the Blue Ridge Community and Technical College unanimously approved a window project for the facility at Berkeley Business Park on Wednesday, a project that will help with strategies to contain COVID-19 and play a role in better caring for the community Students play will meet.

The President of the BRCTC, Dr. Peter Checkovich said funding was approved through the American Rescue Plan Act for approximately $ 300,000, which is the first estimate. However, it took about eight weeks for the proposal to be approved by the federal government, leaving the question of whether prices could rise due to problems in the supply chain.

“If the price changes, which we decided – instead of asking for further permission to spend more money – we will spend the approved federal money, fill in the gaps with college money, and then ask for a refund,” said Checkovich called. “We have to start this project.”

Board member Brad Close commented that he had heard that glass prices were going to rise dramatically and asked about confidence in a refund if the college provided additional funding.

Checkovich said he couldn’t comment on the level of confidence but could say that about $ 3 million in funding was available through the ARPA.

He stated that the widow replacement would benefit the college in several ways, serving as both a COVID containment strategy and a noise and temperature control strategy. The new windows will help increase airflow in some cramped spaces.

“If we approve this, I think that as we move forward, when we are ready to fully implement our plastics laboratory, the soundproofing and temperature control will be taken over. We don’t have to do anything else, ”said Checkovich. “If we don’t approve the window project, there will be more expensive treatments down the line.”

Checkovich later added that the college had also received several air-purifying devices, floor units, which he learned about in his doctor’s office. The units are an abatement strategy to purify the air and provide greater indoor comfort for students and staff.

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