Brainerd residents issued a reminder not to mow grass on the street

As summer approaches, Brainerd Township officials are reminding residents not to leave grass clippings on the street when mowing their lawns.

“When grass and leaves are blown onto the street, that debris ends up in our sewer, where most of our pipes have direct access to the river,” urban engineer Paul Sandy wrote in an email on Monday, May 24th the phosphorus content in the river and lake system and leads to large algal blooms. The city’s MS4 permit (rainwater permit) regards grass litter or other debris on the street as illegal discharge and the city must report cases where this occurs. “

Anyone who sees local residents leaving lawn debris on the street should speak to those responsible or report the activities to the city’s engineering department

A brochure on best practices for lawn maintenance and landscaping is available on the city’s website at

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