BOMAG BF 200 Cart Path Paver By: BOMAG Americas Inc.

The BOMAG BF 200 wagon path and small paver weigh only 13,228 pounds and have a transport width of 51 inches. This compact and nimble paver can be transported to construction sites on a trailer.

  • At home on paved paths, on the golf course, and on road renovation projects, the paver is 44 inches tall. The track width fits into the cut of a 4-foot cold planer to increase the efficiency of milling and filling applications
  • The hydraulically extendable electric screed offers basic paving widths from 3.6 feet to 6.6 feet.
  • Manual screed extensions feature quick connect technology with a locking wedge and socket design to quickly expand pavement widths to 11.2 feet.
  • With the reduction skids available, contractors can only pave 1.3 feet. wide, which significantly increases the flexibility of the paver
  • The patented BOMAG MAGMALIFE technology heats the screed to paving temperature in approx. 20 minutes
  • The new BF 200 paver is powered by a fuel-saving 74 hp diesel engine and does not require any after-treatment of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) or the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in order to meet the strict emission regulations of level 4
  • The two-stage design of the operator platform offers the best view of the hopper and paver sides without compromise
  • Equipped with an automatic steering radius system, the paver easily adapts to the radius of the wagon path and holds it. At the same time, the operator can conveniently concentrate on other paving functions.
  • The machine’s large 5-ton hopper capacity is compact, but offers longer paving intervals between loads
  • Optional hydraulically deployable hopper wings ensure convenient loading with an end loader
  • Alternatively, the hopper’s 118-inch width for paving with milling and filling easily accommodates the truck to load, while the paver provides the traction and strength needed to push the truck
  • The active engine and hydraulic management system BOMAG ECOMODE reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% in standard operation

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