Best Kingpin decks in Marvel Snap and how to counter them

Marvel Snap has a progression system where players don’t choose most of the cards they will receive next for their collection, so it’s common to want to use new cards in the best possible ways. Here are the best Kingpin decks and how to beat them.

Kingpin card abilities in Marvel Snap explained

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Kingpin is a three-cost card with four power. Its effect is as follows: “When a card moves here on turn six, destroy it.” It is available in series three, accessed from collection level 486 or above. It can also be found in the Marvel Snap Token Shop, as long as the player does not have it in their collection, for 1,000 Collectors Tokens.

Kingpin isn’t the most popular card in the Marvel Snap meta right now, and that makes it easier to catch opponents off guard. Kingpin’s objective is to gain value by destroying the opponent’s cards during the final turn and there are different ways to do this.

Strategy for Kingpin decks in Marvel Snap

Playing Kingpin means the player wants the opponent to have their cards moved during turn six, or at least think of it that way. This means Kingpin decks will have all cards that can move opponent cards available while trying to make the opponent’s side of the board clear until turn six.

The other possibility is to play Kingpin to make the opponent fill the card location as soon as possible, trying to avoid the effect of Kingpin being activated, but allowing the player to choose the other locations to play.

Both strategies are valid options to achieve victory and Kingpin decks often have cards that can hinder the opponent’s game by moving their cards throughout the game, potentially annoying destroy and Wong decks.

Best combos with Kingpin in Marvel Snap

Cards that have the best synergy with Kingpin include:

  • Aero
  • Magneto
  • Polaris
  • juggernaut
  • Storm

All cards that move the opponent’s cards have a natural synergy with Kingpin. Aero, Magneto, and Polaris can bring in the opponent’s cards for Kingpin to easily destroy as long as there is enough room for them. Juggernaut is a card that can facilitate the use of these cards mentioned above, ensuring that the opponent’s cards are not played in the same location as Kingpin, as well as moving the cards to where Kingpin is, depending on a little luck, or a location already completed.

Storm can “close” a location earlier, reducing the options where the opponent can play his cards, in addition to being an essential part of the Storm and Juggernaut combo.

An interesting combo, although less used, is to play Sera to reduce the cost of the cards in hand and then to play Kingpin and Aero in the final turn, surprising the opponent and destroying his cards.

The best Kingpin decks in Marvel Snap

The deck ideas presented here are some options on how to use Kingpin to its fullest and its cards can be replaced according to each player’s collection.

Kingpin and Spider-Man

Screen grab via Marvel Snap Zone

This deck has the main tools to use Kingpin’s ability and destroy your opponent’s last turn. The best way to do this is to use Daredevil early in the game to get information about the final rounds. With Kingpin in play, Spider-Man can be played in round five followed by Aero in round six, preventing the opponent from filling the location before the final round and forcing him to have his cards pulled by Aero’s ability.

Juggernaut can be used together with Storm to guarantee a location or also to prevent the opponent’s cards from occupying spaces in the location where Kingpin is.

Absorbing Man has many effects that it can copy, the main ones being those of Spider-Man or Juggernaut to continuously prevent the opponent’s cards from being played in the same location.

With the moving nature of the opponent’s cards in the final rounds, Miles Morales is there to be used in combination with Aero in the final turn, scoring a relatively large amount of points thanks to his cost-reduction ability.

Sunspot and Iceman are some of the best one-cost cards available in Marvel Snap, but they can easily be replaced with different cards according to the player’s preference since they play a less important role in the overall strategy of the deck.

Kingpin with destroy

Screen grab via Marvel Snap Zone

This deck version of Kingpin has the main tools to prevent the opponent from playing cards in the final turn in the Kingpin location while moving the cards played with Aero, but also has a set of destroy synergy cards to increase the amount of power accumulated in the different locations as a second victory condition.

The Hood, Nova, and Mysterio produce good cards to feed Carnage, while Killmonger acts as both a Nova activator and a counter to Kazoo decks. Daredevil and Gamora’s combo can also grant a lot of points.

Angela can easily accumulate a good amount of points, including when a copy of Mysterio is played at her location, as the Mysterio card specifies that each copy is being played and not added to the respective locations.

How to counter Kingpin decks in Marvel Snap

Kingpin’s ability is neither On Reveal nor Ongoing, which means that there are no cards that directly counter it. The best thing to do to prevent him from activating his effect is to fill the location he is in as quickly as possible, because once a Spider-Man or Juggernaut locks the location it will be very difficult not to have some card destroyed in the final turn.

Another way out, when there are few spaces left for Kingpin to destroy cards, is to play multiple of them in the final turn, from least impactful to most impactful, this way it may be that only part of them are moved by effects like Aero .

It is also possible to try to predict where the opponent would play a Juggernaut and make a move in another location.

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