Best Hardware Store – Orange County Register

1. The Home Depot

Several locations; 1-800-466-3337;

Recognized as the world’s largest hardware store with 2,290 locations, approximately 20 of which are in Orange County.

With such a presence around the world, it’s no surprise that this retailer has so much social media activity. The Home Depot can be reached on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and combines the use of social media with its marketing and home improvement strategies in a creative way. Via Instagram, customers can purchase items using the platform’s marketplace function by simply scrolling through the posts and viewing the objects contained in the posts.

Also exclusive to The Home Depot is the “Give Me an H” podcast, which gives customers an insight into how the company is maintaining its success and commitment to the community. Each episode available through SoundCloud is hosted by company executives and / or employees, whose topics range from merchandising and product innovation to developing sustainability. In addition to podcast and social media shopping, The Home Depot takes DIY videos to an entirely different level on its YouTube page. Those who don’t know how to plant their new vegetable garden or how to turn on their new sod cutter can read the answers to these questions and more.

A variety of weekly workshops are available for Orange County residents in a variety of locations, including Anaheim, Fullerton, and Orange. While these sessions vary, customers will have the opportunity to receive tips on remodeling their kitchen, laying new flooring, or even teaching children about gardening.

2. Lowes

Several locations; 1-800-445-6937;

For another year, Lowe’s continues to be a preferred option among Orange County’s residents. With locations scattered as far north as Anaheim and as south as San Clemente, the hardware store offers nothing less than its competitors – in fact, it may offer a little more.

With origins dating back to the early 1920s, Lowe’s opened its first location in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Today the company operates more than 2,000 locations and employs well over 300,000 people. In addition to normal retailing of appliances, kitchen and bathroom items, and other household items, the company also offers installation services for those who don’t have a specific contractor in mind.

Perhaps, from a similar business, Lowe’s is different from its apps – the Lowe’s TV app in particular. The hardware store is unique and possibly the first of its kind. It offers customers the opportunity to view a variety of fun and informative home improvement-themed video clips such as “The Weekender,” produced exclusively by Lowe’s. All of their apps are available through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

3. Ace hardware

Several locations;

Ace Hardware is humble, yet powerful, with more than 15 of its 5,000+ Orange County locations.

Ace Hardware is a company that values ​​community and the “personal touch”. Ace Hardware’s roots go back to a small group of Chicago entrepreneurs in 1924. Currently, the company continues to be a co-operative owned and operated by small business owners who take pride in “staying” local and loyal. “Like most, the company provides home improvement services for all household items and even has an area dedicated to servicing automobiles, RVs and ships.

Ace Hardware is committed to the community in which its business operates and has close philanthropic relationships with the American Red Cross and the Miracle Network for children hospitals.

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