Best garden and lawn sprinklers

Perfect laws seldom happen without a little attention and perseverance.

With summer officially starting with longer days between showering periods, it is not uncommon for lawns and gardens to begin to tan before drying out. If you’re more into a lovely green lawn, it pays to invest in a garden sprinkler to do most of the work for you.

There are many options for sprinklers. The size of the area depends on which type of sprinkler you choose best. There are stationary options that are perfect for targeting an area (good if you have a stubborn brown stain) or for hard-to-reach places.

When you have more land to cover, you’ll want to find something with multiple arms that can spray in different directions and has greater reach.

We found some pretty good deals online, but it’s always worth checking your local B&B, home base, or hardware store.

Check out the top tips in our roundup below.

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Best garden and lawn sprinklers

1. Verve Spike Sprinklers

Verve spike sprinklers

The Verve Spike is a top option for affordability and versatility.

It attaches easily to most standard hose fittings and is beautiful and weatherproof thanks to its combination of durable materials. Achieve precise water sprays that are adjustable between 30 and 360 degrees, giving you as much coverage as you need.

Price: £ 8.95, B&Q – buy here now

2. Chad Valley Hydro Hop water sprayer

Chad Valley Hydro Hop water sprayer

Okay, so you are not a traditional lawn sprinkler. But it’s a sprinkler, and you can place it anywhere outdoors for a splash of splashing action.

The Chad Valley Hydro Hop is a great option when the little ones are at home. Put it in the garden and connect it to your garden hose. Between the children and the pets having fun and moving it, you will have a perfectly watered lawn. No time.

It’s also offered by Argos at two for £ 15 at the moment if you have more kids and / or garden to think about.

Price: £ 10, Argos – buy here now

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3. Karcher RS130 / 3 sprinklers

Karcher RS130 / 3 sprinklers

If you have a medium-sized garden, Karcher’s RS range has pretty good reviews all round.

Karcher’s three-arm sprinkler can cover a circular area of ​​up to 133 m2. It’s made of heavy duty materials like anodized aluminum supported by a super sturdy base that stays upright every time for an even spray.

Price: £ 20.99, Amazon – buy here now

4. Gardena Premium full or partial circle pulse sprinkler

Gardena Premium full or partial circle pulse sprinkler

For large gardens, we recommend the Gardena premium sprinkler. It’s fully adjustable with a rotary knob that allows you to set your exact direction.

The pulse sprinkler can be set at angles between 25 and 360 degrees for full coverage. You can also cover a distance between 5 and 12.5 meters – so the investment is worth it.

Price: £ 34.10, Amazon – buy here now

5. Hozelock rectangular sprinklers

Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler System

This sprinkler is a top contender because it’s affordable, has impressive pole pressure (up to 10), and can cover large areas.

If you have a fairly stiff shaped garden this is a good solution. It waters in a fully or partially rectangular shape, depending on what you need.

The oscillating sprinkler gives you nice, even coverage with a powered motor and 15 nozzles that can cover up to 180 m².

Price: £ 21, Argos – buy here now

6. Wisdomwell Garden Sprinklers

Wisdomwell Garden Sprinkler

At 4 bar, it’s quite surprising that this tiny Wisdomwell device can travel distances from 31 to 48 feet, a tiny device with colossal results.

There are three arms with four hose connector entry points. Perfect when you have access to more than one water supply at a distance.

It rotates 360 degrees and each of the three individual arms can be adjusted to have its own spray area from 3 to 5. This is especially good for unusually shaped areas or areas that are otherwise often overlooked.

Price: £ 19.82, Amazon – buy here now

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7. Draper 17 hole oscillating sprinkler

Draper 17 hole oscillating sprinkler

With the help of a gear-driven motor, this affordable sprinkler from Draper can cover up to 250 square feet, making it a great option for small spaces.

The oscillating sprinkler has 17 holes and adjustable spray pattern functions for the coverage you need.

Price: £ 9.99, Robert Dyas – buy here now

8. Relaxdays large area sprinklers

Relaxdays large area sprinklers

If you have a medium to large garden this sprinkler will be fun for the kids, not as fun for the dog, but also for the lawn or garden.

The ergonomic base provides a stable base for the sprinkler to stand on and allows for even coverage even when it is moved and without the muddy puddles.

It can cover areas of up to 78 m² and has eight nozzles, all of which can be easily adjusted using the rotation mechanism.

Price: £ 18.90, Amazon – buy here now

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