Best decks for the Vibranium Forge event in Marvel Snap

The most recent event in Marvel Snap is Vibranium Forge. To protect Wakanda from invaders, players are encouraged to use Wakanda-related cards in their decks to progress faster in the event, so we’ve separated some suggestions for the best decks to use during the event period.

Four cards were chosen, but choosing more than one does not grant cumulative bonuses, so focus on the one you like best to integrate your favorite strategies.


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The latest addition to Marvel Snap via the Warriors of Wakanda Season Pass has already received a complete guide on how to use it. Players who have access to it will likely choose a deck centered around its powerful combos to guarantee more Vibranium. Its effect is “On Reveal: Double this card’s Power.” It’s perfect for decks with On Reveal synergies.


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Okoye has the effect “On Reveal: Give every card in your deck +1 Power.” and is available from pool two. She is usually in decks together with Black Panther to increase her power potential, but she can also participate in other similar strategies by strengthening cards that have not yet been drawn. Unfortunately, outside of that niche, its use is limited and players will likely have access to more impactful two-cost cards.


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Nakia has the effect “On Reveal: Give the 2 leftmost cards in your hand +2 Power” and is available from pool two onwards.

Among the four cards of the event, Nakia is probably the weakest, despite offering plus four of total power, its use is situational since it is not possible to control the position of the cards in the hand and its power of one for a three- cost card does not it’s enough to be worth it. Although it can participate in movement decks that want to prepare a combo with Multiple Man or decks that want to buff specific cards in the hand.


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Ironheart has the effect “On Reveal: Give 3 other friendly cards +2 Power” and is available in Recruit Season. Without a doubt, Ironheart is the star for all players who participate in the event and have not purchased the season pass.

It is present in the powerful On Reveal decks in both pool one and pool two and can be used in pool three with an even more interesting deck for low-power cards.

What is the best deck for Vibranium Forge in Marvel Snap?

Only one of four cards is needed to receive double Vibranium, and Ironheart is one of the best options available for players who haven’t purchased the season pass. Anyone who owns Black Panther can check out some deck ideas for the King of Wakanda.

On Reveal pool one

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The objective of this deck is to make good use of the cards’ On Reveal effects according to the turn’s energy expenditure and to close the sixth turn with Odin to reactivate some impactful abilities.

Simple combos involve using a one-cost card on turn one, Mister Sinister on turn two followed by Ironheart so that it can buff all three other units.

The final two turns are important to set up the combo. Both Gamora and White Tiger are impactful on different targets when their effects reactivate. If you need power in more than one location, opt for White Tiger which will add 14 power with Tigers. If the need is to strengthen a single location, then Gamora is your best option.

The other cards are more situational or can help control the game like using Scarlet Witch.

On Reveal pool two

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The pool two cards in this deck are Iceman, Sunspot, Storm, Jubilee, and The Infinaut. The general idea of ​​the deck remains the same, but with new finishing options and combos.

The new ending involves many of the added pool two cards and can be used whenever Odin is not in the hand. Sunspot on turn one builds up power whenever energy is left unused. When Infinaut is in your hand, just don’t play any cards on turn five. Sunspot will receive five power for fighting a location and you will be able to play The Infinaut on the sixth turn.

Storm and Jessica on turns three and four is a powerful combo that can often secure a location. The best location to do this is the one on the right, as it eliminates the chance of an enemy Klaw being able to assist the location locked by Storm. Keep in mind cards can still move to the location or create units there.

Mister Negative pool three

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The pool three cards in this deck are Psylocke, Mister Negative, Wong, and Magik.

The focus of this deck is to use the effect of Mister Negative to exchange energy for the power of the cards in the deck and use their effects for a very low price while adding large amounts of energy in the locations where they are.

The ideal play is to use Psylocke on turn two followed by Mister Negative on turn three. Magik should be played so that there is more time to use more cards from the deck and gain a lot of value that way. Its power can also get rid of a tricky locale when needed.

Iron Man after being affected by Mister Negative’s ability alone can score ten points in the location where he is. Ironheart is an option to be targeted by Odin’s ability, especially if Wong is in the same location.

When facing a deck with a very powerful card, like The Infinaut, Black Panther, or Devil Dinosaur, you should use Shang-chi to counter it.

Most other Marvel Snap cards are meant to be used as needed and Odin is a powerful finisher capable of re-triggering impactful On Reveal effects.

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