Best Above Ground Pools in January 2022 – Forbes Advisor


Restrictions on the size of your pool can depend on several factors. Of course, the size of your yard can be most limiting if you live in a small lot area. Find a pool that fits comfortably in your backyard and doesn’t get in the way of other necessary activities.

Second, the size of your pool may be limited by applicable city or HOA regulations. Before making a decision based on size, check local building permit requirements for square footage and depth. Permits are often not required, but it’s good to know in advance to avoid surprises later.

Once you have determined what size pool you want and can accommodate, it’s time to move on to the next factors


A big selling point for above ground pools is their cost compared to their in ground counterparts. They’re less expensive, but make sure you understand all the costs involved before committing to a specific one. Consider the added cost of chemicals and the extra time it takes to maintain a large pool instead of a small one.

Less expensive pools tend to sacrifice material durability. If you’re planning on owning the pool for a short time, it might not be a big deal. Shallow pools are often replaced with deeper ones as children grow and their needs change.


Where you live can be a determining factor in the type of pool you buy. If you live in an area where the pool needs to be disassembled and stored during the winter months, you may want a rimless inflatable pool that is easy to set up and deflate year after year. If your climate is warm enough to justify year-round use, you’ll likely go for the durability of a rigid frame pool.

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