Bay + Bow Windows: Are they good for your window replacement project in Surrey?

It is difficult to underestimate the significance of windows in home design. They add beauty to your home and also increase its value. Not to mention the reduced energy costs.

If you’re considering replacing your living room or kitchen windows and want the interior to have more color and texture, bay and bow windows are what you need!

What are bay and bow windows?

Bay and bow windows are large windows created by combining three or more windows so that they protrude from beyond a house’s walls. To increase interior space and add visual appeal to the exterior, homeowners frequently choose bay and bow units for their window replacement projects.

These models may combine different window styles such as casement, picture, sliding, or other mulled in one large window combination to allow extra space in the room and can be ideal for a comfortable reading nook, dining table, or window seat.

Why should I get bay and bow windows?

Bay and bow windows will give your house a stylish and attractive look. Because of their extended shape, most Surrey homeowners install these windows to give the impression that the room is larger, especially in small spaces. Here are some more advantages of bay and bow windows:

  • Natural light: these windows allow a tremendous amount of natural light in your home. The large wall opening also makes viewing the scenery outside your home easier.
  • Window seat: if you want a cozy corner where you can sit and enjoy reading a book or sipping on your coffee, you can add a window seat at the base of these windows. Some people also use this area as a storage space.
  • Curb Appeal: just like any other home improvement project, replacing old windows with brand new bay and bow windows will increase your property’s value and curb appeal.

Now that you know the different advantages of having bay windows, you must be wondering which style to get. Keep reading to learn the most popular combination of window styles for bay windows.

What are the popular bay window styles?

A bay window is not a single window, in fact it is a combination of three or more windows. This gives you a free hand on how you want to configure your windows.

  • If you prefer appearance and lighting, go for three equal-sized fixed picture windows.
  • Many homeowners seek to improve natural ventilation with a picture window with two flanking windows to allow airflow from several angles.

However, the most commonly used bay windows are double-hung or casement windows.

  • Casement bay windows: these windows let you open the entire panel with a simple turn of a lever. You can choose the degree to which you want the panel to be opened to allow the breeze in.
  • Double-hung bay windows: although they can only be opened halfway, with these windows, you can choose to let air in by opening the top, bottom, or both sashes.

Which house styles are bay and bow windows suitable for?

Known for their unique structure, attractive appearance, and ability to create harmony and coherence between the interior and exterior of the house, bay and bow windows are very common in Canada. They are used in various designs including transitional, modern, minimalist, rustic and bohemian homes.

Bay and bow windows are symbolic of Victorian architecture. They have a glamorous, chic and striking appearance making them ideal for contemporary homes since they provide a touch of modern elegance.

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