Baraboo plumbers team up for the homeless Regional News

The plumbers started working at the shelter on February 19 and met for the second time on Wednesday. They will meet again in another week and install sinks, toilets and showers. On Wednesday, they carried a range of cordless tools, including jackhammers and hole-hawgs, which they used to drill wood.

“I think we have 110 years of experience in the plumbing business,” said Brooks, covering the careers of Spokesperson, Potter, Dave Pawlak of Terrytown Plumbing, and himself. There were no trainees on site that morning – which meant no one was up the search for a non-existent “pipe stretcher” was sent, an old joke sometimes played on inexperienced people.

“We enjoy what we do,” said Brooks, who started at Terrytown in 1999 and founded Baraboo Plumbing in 2011. “Most of us were born and raised here. We are all successful, so why not give something back? “

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Pawlak has been with Terrytown for over 30 years. For the past few years, Pawlak has seen homeless people hang out by the bridge near NAPA Auto Parts.

“Everyone deserves a warm place to stay,” he said.

Baraboo companies Fairfield Concrete and Fichter Concrete also donated workers to renovate the shelter, Mowers said. The companies have also made their materials available at discounted prices. When the renovation is complete, the one-story facility will have 10 bedrooms and a communal area with a kitchen area for up to 30 customers.

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