Avon Home Show Reveals Industry Trends | Lorain County

The North Coast Building Industry Association (NCBIA) held their annual House and Remodeling Show at the Emerald Event Center in Avon on February 27th.

The show featured more than 50 local and national vendors for individuals keeping an eye on their next remodeling projects as the home construction season approaches.

NCBIA President Sara Majzun-Greenwood said the event was an opportunity for consumers to get out of the house and speak directly to experts for information and more knowledge about the next step on their journey to construction or To undertake remodeling.

“One thing that winter brings, besides the cold and snow, is more time at home. It is during this time that many of us begin to think about projects that we would like to see around the house, ”wrote Majzun-Greenwood. “Everything from new windows to complete additions could be on your list. At the North Coast Building Industry Association, we have created a place for you to dream about these projects and talk to industry leaders in their fields. “

According to a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) report cited by NCBIA, industry trends in 2020 showed consumer desire for newer and larger homes.

Consumers want more spaces in the same space that open the door to more creativity.

“The main reason is because COVID-19 has caused a group of home buyers to want bigger homes and move to the suburbs,” said Rose Quint, NAHB vice president of survey research.

New houses are also becoming increasingly popular. Sixty percent of buyers prefer new homes – the highest level since 2007. This increased interest in new homes is due to three key factors.

  • Lack of existing home inventory.
  • Buyers are concerned about viewing other people’s homes.
  • New homes are more likely to be where buyers want to live. (Outskirts are the most popular geographic location, driven by increased interest from minority home buyers.)

The NAHB also looked at buyer preferences to help builders determine which features are most likely to resonate in the market in 2021. The key features you want include:

  • Laundry rooms
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • ENERGY STAR windows and appliances
  • Patios and porches
  • Kitchen double sink
  • Walk-in pantries

NCBIA is a free event for the community and advocates for industry and consumers. It plays a role in educating contractors and consumers about the latest trends and developments.

“This show is a great way for the community to come together and see what NCBIA is all about, added Majzun-Greenwood. “We offer the only list you will ever need to find the right contractor for your projects. All of our members are reputable companies in the Lorain, Erie, and Huron Counties, and we recommend each one of them. “

For more information, visit NCBIA online at www.ncbia.com.

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